Lighting Review: Fositan FL-1×2 Rollable LED Panel

Fositan’s FL-1×2 Rollable LED Panel is an affordable yet flawed alternative to Westcott’s premium Flex series of LED Panels.

A huge variety of LED lighting has been making its way onto the market in recent years. A lot of photographers have begun utilizing LED lighting as a part of their constant lighting kit thanks to LEDs having power efficiency, increased light output, and generating little to no heat compared to legacy constant lighting options like incandescent or CFL bulbs. Westcott was arguably the first to introduce flexible LED panels to the photography market and, shortly after the Flex series of LED panels were released, a number of knockoffs began flooding the market at lower price points promising similar performance. Fositan’s FL-1×2 Rollable LED panel is one of them.

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LightRight Is an LED Panel That Mounts Onto Your Flash. No, We’re Not Kidding.


We’ve seen some weird products and received some interesting emails, but this one is both brilliant and makes us scratch our heads. The LightRight is a brand new campaign on IndieGogo from the company ColorRight. They’re aiming to eliminate the need for a person to switch from an LED light to a flash. While some flashes have built in LEDs to try to ease this problem, LightRight’s solution is rather interesting.

First off, yes, it is that ridiculous looking circular thingie that you see in the image above. But that is actually an LED panel. When turned off, it acts as a reflector similar to a Rogue FlashBender but without the malleable design. And when you want to shoot a video instead, you can just switch the LED light on. Heck, that can even act as an autofocus assist in really low lighting.

The company is pushing the fact that it is lightweight, uses high-grade Samsung LED lights balanced to daylight, and that it will deliver more light than a 75 watt bulb.

It will cost around $99 when it launches. And for a nice laugh, you should check out the product demo video after the jump.

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Manfrotto Announces KLYP Case and KLYPAPP for iPhone 4/4S/5

Manfrotto KLYPWhat are the two things that iPhoneographers were missing from their iPhone so far? A flash hot-shoe and a tripod mount. Manfrotto’s new KLYP case offers both (sort of). The case for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 looks more or less like a regular iPhone, but it can be fittet with an LED light panel and can be mounted to a tripod, making your iPhone as versatile as never before. The KLYPAPP app that goes together with the KLYP helps to maximize the benefits of the KLYP case, by offering a virtual horizon, self timer and basic picture editing.

The KLYP case alone is available for US-$ 29.99, while the KLYP + ML240 LED light panel comes in at US-$ 99.99. A fitting accessory tripod is offered with the PIXI table tripod for US-$ 24.99. Finally, the KLYPAPP can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store.

Thanko Releases 32 LED Smartphone Flash That Boosts Your Phone’s Lighting Capabilities


Via Akihabara News

Thanko, a company from Japan, has just released the 32 LED Smartphone Flash that that attaches to your smartphone’s 3.5mm earphone jack. Its 32 LEDs will help to brighten dark scenes that your phone’s in-built LED isn’t powerful enough to properly light. Thanks to its small size, it is ultra portable, and since it is attached via an earphone jack, it can be used with any device sporting one. The 32 LED Smartphone Flash costs JPY 1,980 in Japan–that’s around US-$ 20. We don’t know if Thanko ships overseas, but if you’re fluent in Japanese, you can try to find out on their website.

Photojojo’s The Kick Light is a Light Studio That Attaches to Your iPhone

Photojojo The Kick Light iPhone

It seems that Photojojo is a neverending source of gadgetry awesomeness. Their latest offering is called ‘The Kick Light’ and attaches to your iPhone. The Kick Light is a compact light studio that sports an array of LEDs that can be remote-controlled via WiFi to light up in almost any color. Via an iPhone app, you can control the LEDs’ brightness and hue, set a white balance, or program the LEDs to display various light patterns. Of course, you can also use The Kick Light–which has a standard tripod mount–with an Android phone, or with any other WiFi-enabled camera, but you’ll have to do without the app then, and program it via the buttons on its body.

The Kick Light is available now for US-$ 179 via Photojojo. To get an impression of what The Kick Light is able to do, here’s a video that shows off its awesomeness.

Fiilex Announces Three LED Lights From Pocket-Sized to Full-Fledged Studio Light

At CineGear Expo, in Los Angeles California, Fiilex unveiled three new LED lights for videography. The P100 is a versatile on-camera light equipped with a 12 Watt Dense Matrix LED and a focusing lens which can be rotated to modify the beam angle. The P180 is a professional 40W ENG light that is color tunable from 3000-5600 K. Finally, the Q500 is a full-fledged, intensity-controllable, studio light with 160W power consumption, extended range color tuning (2800K to 6500K) and hue adjustment.

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