Photojojo’s The Kick Light is a Light Studio That Attaches to Your iPhone

Photojojo The Kick Light iPhone

It seems that Photojojo is a neverending source of gadgetry awesomeness. Their latest offering is called ‘The Kick Light’ and attaches to your iPhone. The Kick Light is a compact light studio that sports an array of LEDs that can be remote-controlled via WiFi to light up in almost any color. Via an iPhone app, you can control the LEDs’ brightness and hue, set a white balance, or program the LEDs to display various light patterns. Of course, you can also use The Kick Light–which has a standard tripod mount–with an Android phone, or with any other WiFi-enabled camera, but you’ll have to do without the app then, and program it via the buttons on its body.

The Kick Light is available now for US-$ 179 via Photojojo. To get an impression of what The Kick Light is able to do, here’s a video that shows off its awesomeness.