Pretty and Practical! Langly Paracord Strap Review

The Langly Paracord is a camera strap I was super curious about. This website has reviewed tons and tons of camera straps. But the Langly Paracord seemed particularly fascinating. I had a feeling it would break, but it didn’t. In fact, it ended up holding its own with one of the heaviest mirrorless cameras on the market right now. And overall, I think I’ve fallen head over heels for the Langly Paracord strap.

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Langly Has a Bunch of Cool Camera Straps to Choose From

Still on the hunt for the camera strap that fits your needs and style? One of these goodies from Langly might just be the one you’re looking for.

We understand that the perfect camera strap may take a while and some searching to come by, so we bring more options for you to choose from. Today, we have some goodies from Langly, makers of camera bags, apparel, straps, and other accessories. Check out their stylish leather straps, sturdy lightweight slings, and handy wrist straps to see if one of them will catch your fancy.

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The Langly Field Jacket Is Designed For Outdoor Photographers and Travelers

The Langly Field Jacket was designed with the photographer in mind

We always talk about photography specific bags and such, but have you ever considered a specialized jacket?

Langly has a long and rich history in the photography bag marketplace with their excellent offering of outdoor and travel focused bags that are both stylish and rugged. Now the company is venturing into a new market with their latest Kickstarter project, the Langly Field Jacket; which, as you may have guessed, is also a rugged yet stylish product designed for travelers and photographers. Continue reading…

Four Perfect Backpacks for the Working Photographer

Are you a Photographer who prefers a backpack? Same…

We are all photographers, and unless you are new or really just enjoy the minimalist approach, chances are when you go out for your shoots that you have an entire kit you take with you. This will obviously include a camera and lens, but also usually several accessories, some alternative lens options, maybe a tripod, laptop, etc. The point is, there is a lot of stuff you are likely needing to haul around and ideally you require something that can carry it all.

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The Pakk Promises to Be a Versatile and Stylish Backpack for Photographers

The Pakk is a brand new camera bag that is touting itself to be both functional and stylish–and of any company out there so far they seem to be the closest to getting it right. Peak Design, Vinta, ONA, WANDRD, and Langly all come close but they’re all missing one or two small things to make their bags absolutely flawless. However, the Pakk seems to be the backpack that every discerning photographer will want: on paper at least.

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The Best Camera Bag is Not a Camera Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer The Perfect Camera bag (4 of 4)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 2.8

On a consistent basis, I get pitched to review camera bags. There are always new ones that come out and some obviously suit my style more than others. A nice perk of the job of being an Editor-in-Chief though is that I usually get to keep the bags, but after a while, they tend to pile up. In my closet, I must have at least 10 different camera bags.

As time as progressed, I’ve found new brands, new designs and better products. Some of the absolute best come from Tenba, ZKin, Langly and Artist and Artisan. Why these brands? Because their designs don’t look like camera bags.

And that’s the best thing that any company could do for a photographer.

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Five Accessories for the Discerning Adventure Photographer

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sigma 24-35mm f2 with Metabones on Sony a7r Mk II (4 of 14)ISO 16001-4000 sec at f - 5.0

Adventure photographers are ones that trek out into the great outdoors to, well, quite honestly seek adventure and document it as they go along. They capture epic landscapes, camp out in the woods, and need to rely a lot on their gear. Think of them as the new type of landscape photographers who may also incorporate some sort of awesome sports coverage or even capture scenes from death-defying angles.

Here’s what photographers like those need to get through the trek.

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