Lomography’s Latest La Sardinas Will Match Your Equally Hipster Attire


Lomography has a tendency to come out with new faces/skins for lots of their cameras the same way that Leica does. But in this case, they’re calling them dresses–which is a marketing term specifically aimed at the female crowd (unless of course you’re a dude who likes to wear dresses. That’s okay too.) The new dresses are coined Midnight Flamingo and City Summer (the pink being Flamingo.) The cameras are otherwise the exact same as the original La Sardina: which we reviewed a while back and we’d only recommend for the most patient and creative of photographers to make the most of it.

For those still interested, the La Sardina sports a wide angle 22mm f8 plastic lens that you need to twist, pull out, and twist back into place. Focusing is done via zone focusing essentially and the camera itself is modelled after old sardine can cameras. Of course though, the plastic used isn’t as sturdy as your average final resting place for fishies.

The camera can use a special flash coined as Fritz the Blitz. The flash is actually pretty damned good just like Lomography’s Diana flash. And you may want to considering picking that one up too.

Both cameras come in their own bundles. At the time of publishing this article, they’re not listed in the shop; but we’re sure they will be soon.

Lomography Wants You to Find Waldo on Their New La Sardina Variant Camera


Lomography must have millions of variants of the La Sardina camera by now. But today, they’re announcing one that is bound to occupy your time embracing your childhood. Their latest version of their La Sardina camera is a Where’s Waldo edition. Remember those giant books where you had to sit there for hours looking for where Waldo is in a giant crowd? Well, you can do that now with their brand new Wally Watcher.

And in order to find him, you’ll need to fork over $79. All the other standard specs of the La Sardina are present–same 22mm wide angle lens and f8 aperture along with bulb mode, 1/80th shutter speed, and quirky film advance.

Lomography Teams Up With Coachella To Make a Metal Camera


You know how Lomo only makes loads of plastic cameras? Well this Coachella special edition is, er, metal. The new edition of the analog cam is in celebration of the Coachella Music and Arts festival to present the Lomography La Sardina Coachella Edition. This version of the sardine can is made of oxidized bronze with intricate etchings of the desert. It retains the 22mm f8 lens–but there’s no word on whether the lens has plastic or glass optics this time around.

The new cam will set you back $200, and will be sold at the Coachella boutique as a special limited edition.

Lomography Says, “Hey Sailor, Here’s a New Camera for Street Photography” With New La Sardina Splendour

Lomography, the company that has been holding down the fort on film photography, is outing their new La Sardina Splendour camera that is a bit of a fusion between a design appealing towards 1940’s sailors and street photographers. The camera (and to be honest, all La Sardinas) harken back to the design of the Kandor Candid: and in fact the two look strikingly similar. Hence the reason why it looks like a Sardine can.

This camera comes bundled with Fritz the Blitz, the same flash that came bundled with their Virginia is For Lovers edition. The camera is actually quite interesting and fun to use for street photography. Specs and images are after the jump.

Interesting Tidbit of Info: All images were shot with a Canon 5D Mk II and 24-70mm f2.8 L.

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Lomography Partners With Virginia is For Lovers To Announce New La Sardina Camera: Reminds Me That I’m Single

This evening, Lomography announced their new partnership with Virginia is for Lovers. To kick off the new love affair, they announced a special edition of their La Sardina camera (previously reviewed on the site) in typical Lomo style: with a big party. We got to have some hands on time with the camera and also got to take one home with their special Fritz the Blitz flash.

Photos and more about the partnership (including a competition) after the jump.

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Review: Lomography La Sardina

The Lomography La Sardina is the very first Lomography camera I’ve bought. Though they’ve been called toy cameras for many years, the company has been working to rebrand themselves and let go of that moniker. Instead called plastic cameras, the Lomography La Sardina is one of the latest additions to that list.

So can a little film camera really hold its own against the slew of digital cameras out there, let alone my beloved Yashica Electro GSN?

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Tweaking My Lomography La Sardina-A Photography Hacker’s Solution

Lomography recently announced the La Sardina camera, and upon going to their launch party, I bought one. It’s a gorgeous camera for the price—and that was very much so a problem to me. With that in mind, I decided to workaround some of the problems that the camera presents. Despite this, I am very well aware of the Lomography way: which is essentially to just shoot and be happy with your results. Years of being screamed at by a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalism professor and experience in the field have taught me to make the best of a situation and to also get through problems that you may encounter. So here’s how I’m getting through mine with this beautifully flawed camera.

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