Three Great Features of Your Camera You’re Not Using

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Ask yourself: have you ever felt so good about an image that it didn’t need post-production? Trust me, there’s no better feeling. In the past few years, I’ve given in. I’ve become so sick of staring at a camera screen to then stare at a computer screen. It’s superfluous. We should be able to get great photos in camera without post-production. It’s surely possible. Think about the way you edit. You most likely add contrast, adjust exposure, white balance, clarity, etc. You’re most likely making basic adjustments. But, you also may be messing around, not knowing what you want, and being happy when you find something. That’s fine.

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A Simple Camera Trick Can Get You the Blade Runner Look You Love

If you’re looking for the Blade Runner look, it’s all about tweaking a simple camera setting.

Of course, it depends on what generation you belong to, but the Blade Runner look is still something often copied. Folks love it! And we too admit it’s entertaining. There are two variations of the look. Arguably, the older and more classic look has defined lots of fantasy. You can surely do it all in post-production, but you’ll spend a lot less time at a computer editing if you just understand how it works in the first place.

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Tougher Than You Think: How to Shoot in a Studio Style With Film

Shooting in a studio or studio style with film changes a lot more of the photography game than you’d think. You see, there’s no taking a photo, chimping, and saying you like the image or not. You have to get it right the first time around. There’s also a major difference in what can be done with color correction and a lot more. But the biggest thing is the fact that you and your subject will have a much greater sense of connection due to how you need to communicate a whole lot more.

In this post, we’re going to focus a bit more on the technical details.

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