These Photographers Share Important Stories Around 9/11

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Twenty years later, my biggest fear is that major stores and corporations will turn 9/11 into a giant holiday. People will use it as an excuse to get out of work. They’ll turn it into three-day weekends. They’ll BBQ. They’ll drink. It’ll become associated with debauchery. We Americans already do it with Memorial Day. Truly, how many people actually take the time to remember the fallen soldiers? The sad likelihood that consumerism may overtake what should be a national day of mourning is heartbreaking. And looking at photos of the events doesn’t really get any easier.

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How Professional Photographers Are Getting More Instagram Followers

If you’re looking to ace your Instagram game, then it’s worth listening to photographers who have made a success of the photo-sharing platform.

Most photographers want to build a popular Instagram feed. From adoring followers to professional opportunities, they are many perks to having a successful account. But it’s not easy, especially when you’re up against a billion other users. Gone are the days when the first wave generation could rise to the top simply by having an account before the masses arrived. Today, you have to be clever and calculated to succeed at Instagram — we’re going to learn exactly what that means.

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Nat Geo Photographer Ira Block on Processing His Home City After 9/11

National Geographic Photographer Ira Block has worked to ensure that we truly never forget 9/11.

“They weren’t panicking,” related photographer Ira Block as we sat in his NYC loft and examined images from 9/11. “They were instead trying to figure out what was going on.” The image Ira is referring to is one very typical of New York. We were all in plenty of shock on 9/11. Everyone was in a state of confusion throughout the day. Said photo, which is the lead image of this story, was shot by Ira while walking down 7th Ave. The photos Ira took were for himself. Though a National Geographic photographer, Ira isn’t a news photojournalist–but he started out as one. To that end, he wasn’t on an assignment that day and the images he shot were just for him.

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Review: Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack (The In-Between Bag)

With the Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack, photographers get a slim and versatile bag.

When I first saw the Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack, I was at Ira Block’s apartment in Manhattan. Ira, who hails from National Geographic, designed the bag with the folks at Tenba. Though it’s marketed as a DSLR shooting option, it’s probably more correctly labelled as an offering for those who use bigger mirrorless cameras and have the lenses that go along with them. But the Tenba Shootout 16 DSLR Backpack is sort of an odd choice. It’s got the depth and length of most camera bags, but it doesn’t have the width, purposely. It’s designed to keep you minimal, sort of. Think of it as a bag for the in-between crowd–and there are a lot of you out there.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Ira Block

National Geographic Photographer and Sony Artisan Ira Block was our guest recently.

It was a pleasure speaking with Ira Block – a photographer who says he’s mastered both the creative side and documentary side of his craft at the moment due to his wanting to continually push himself forward and always create different images. Ira joined us in front of a live studio audience at the Adorama Event Space to discuss his background, how and why he creates, and to share a few key stories about his travels over the years. Ira also showcased lots of his new work in his book Cuba Loves Baseball: a Photographic Journey.

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National Geographic Photographer Ira Block is Our Next Guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind

Sony Artisan and National Geographic Photographer Ira Block is our next big guest

Photographer Ira Block has over 300,000 followers on Instagram–and part of it is obviously due to his fantastic work as a photographer over the years. A native New Yorker, one of his first big assignments took him to one of the coldest places in the world and put him among people with whom he didn’t even speak the same language. But there’s so much more to how Ira has evolved as a photographer and some of his personal experiences that he’d love to share with you. We’ll also be talking about his new book: Cuba Loves Baseball. Ira will be our next guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind – part of our collaborative series with Adorama TV. You can catch us on April 18th at 5PM EST live on Facebook, or you can join us at the Adorama Event Space here in NYC.

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National Geographic Photographer Ira Block Gives Tips for Instagram and Documentary Photographers

Learn from the best with photographer Ira Block.

Photographer Ira Block has traveled around the world and these days is both a National Geographic Photographer and a Sony Artisan. To that end, he’s one of the perfect photographers to speak to about documentary photography. Earlier this year, he spent some time in front of the camera with us talking about modern documentary photography and how it’s changed over the years. To start with though, Ira imparts a few tips for photographers looking to get into documentary photography. Not to our surprise, he tells us a lot of it has to do with passion and preparation.

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