Laurence Bouchard Finds Magic and Whimsy in City Life

“Fatherhood has shaped my perspective,” the Tokyo-based photographer Laurence Bouchard tells me. “Having a daughter has changed the kind of places I visit, and without a doubt, I’ve found some very cool locations that I would never have been to otherwise. My wife usually works on Sundays, so I make a deal with my daughter: we go somewhere that interests me and somewhere she wants to go.” 

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Critiquing the Winners of The 2021 iPhone Photography Awards

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The winners of The 2021 iPhone Photography Awards are here. After reviewing thousands of photographs, sent in from photographers across 140 countries, the judging panel made their decisions. The standard was high, and the winners are evidence of that. “Congratulations to all the winners and their astute observations, sometimes moving and subtle, other times witty and surprising… always insightful,” wrote IPPA founder Kenan Aktulun. In this article, we will look at each of the winning images and offer our thoughts.

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5 Photographers Show the Strength of the iPhone 11 Pro Camera

With the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple stepped up its smartphone camera game, opening up more creative options for its loyal supporters.

Remember when we all went crazy over a 2MP camera in a mobile phone? Now we have a smartphone camera that has not one, but three lens options built into it. Apple, by no means, is the only (or even the first) company to have this feature, but it’s certainly the most popular. In our developing world of tech, are three-lens options just another gimmick to keep us handing over our money? Or, will it help improve the quality of work from smartphone shooters? The below photographers answer these questions, as we take a look at five photographers proving the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best smartphone cameras on the market.

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Letting Go of Technical Precision in Photographs

julius motal the phoblographer two weeks in new york 08

As the plane touched down in JFK, I felt something stir. There was an inexorable push to jet out of the plane, camera in hand, to photograph my city, despite my exhaustion from a 12-hour flight. I’d spent nearly half a year living abroad, which is just a blip in the grand scheme of things, but it was enough time to reframe my mind visually. I couldn’t necessarily anticipate how I would see New York, but I had a feeling that the images I would be making would be different than the ones I made before I moved to Istanbul.

Living abroad has freed me from technical precision in my personal work. Before I left home, my camera was like a ball and chain around my ankle. If I left the house without it, I’d have a panic attack, and I’d usually backpedal home to fetch it, fearing what happen if I missed a photograph because my camera was elsewhere. This was before I realized the photographic potential my phone had. Back then, if I didn’t make it with my camera, I wouldn’t keep it because I felt it wasn’t serious enough.

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Brenton Little on Mastering iPhone Photography

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

All images by Brenton Little. Used with permission.

Mobile photography has come a long way with new devices and better apps, but more importantly with talented photographers in the mobile space. Brenton Little has become one of these professional smartphone photographers who travels far and wide to take great shots using just an iPhone 5S.

Now in his latest mobile-centric adventure, he is teaching a Skillshare class on mobile photography and how to capture friends and new perspectives. While the class revolves around iPhoneography and editing images in VSCO Cam, it includes lessons that every photographer can use such as how to frame interesting looking portraits and how to effectively use natural lighting.

They’re all lessons Brenton has learned over the last four years since he first posted his first image on Instagram on October 23rd, 2010. “I didn’t have a DSLR, I just had an iPhone 3G and that’s where I started,” Brenton says.

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Cedric Blanchon Creates Mobile Surrealism with Just an iPhone

Cedric Blanchon Captain Crunch

All images by Cedric Blanchon. Used with permission.

Bemoan iPhoneography as much as you want, smartphone photography has come a long way in the last few years and inspired many people to become shutterbugs. Cedric Blanchon is someone you would call a master iPhoneographer. We came across Cedric’s work though the EyeEm Festival & Awards competition where he won a slot as one of the finalists in the Illusionist. It might shock you that Cedric’s winning contribution entitled Captain Crunch was entirely shot and edited with an iPhone, but it’s true.

Cedric explained he simply set his iPhone on a timer to take the original photo of himself lying on the table and then another frame of the cereal bowl spilling onto the table. “I edited the two photos and superimposed them together with my iPhone using apps like VFX Studio and Snapseed,” Cedric revealed.

Since purchasing his first iPhone four years ago, Cedric has gone on to become an expert in smartphone photography and his surrealistic style. “I always liked the funny and fantastic things to the literature,” France native said. Cedric noted he draws inspiration from a wide variety of media from Kafka’s book to David Lynch’s movies and the illustrations of Claude Serre.

“I’m actually curious about everything and I love inspired by things I see or hear,” Cedric said. “I am always looking for a new idea or concept, and all my influences helps a lot.”

In the future Cedric hopes to mix in more shooting with a higher-resolution and traditional camera, but for now he says he is more focused on the creation of his images by themselves. You can see more of Cedric’s work after the break.

Don’t forget to visit his website or check out his EyeEm profile and Flickr. If you like his work you can also Like him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram.

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The 8MP iPhone 6 Outresolves a 16MP Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone DxO Mark Score

Apple made some major camera improvements on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and now the two handsets have taken top spots in DxOMark. The two new iPhone models set the highest DxOMark mobile score with 82 points. Despite only sporting an 8MP sensor, the two iPhones beat out the 16MP Samsung Galaxy S5 and 20.7MP Sony Xperia Z3, which both previously scored 79 points.

From the chart we can see the iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother get a big autofocus boost thanks to the Phase Detection implemented right on the imaging sensor. It seems the iPhone 6 models capture lots of detail in well lit situations. Sadly, though, in low-light shooting Apple’s handset still resolves images with a noticeable hint of fine-grained luminance noise and a minimum chroma (colored) noise.

DxO Mark also wrote that the iPhone 6 Plus’ OIS offers several advantages including better noise performance in low-light shooting and less ghosting while taking HDR images. Oddly enough the OIS also created more stabilization artifacts when shooting video. Be sure to head past the break for another look at how the check out how the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cameras stack up against a fleet of Android phones, and visit DxO Mark for a more in depth and graphical breakdown.

Via DxO Mark

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Instagram Hits Version 6.0, Gives Photographers More Editing Options

Instagram 6.0

Instagram has just announced version 6.0 of its mobile photo editing and sharing app, which brings a huge redesign not only in terms of looks but also (and more importantly) in terms of functionality. Following close on the heels of yesterday’s iOS 8 announcement, which also saw huge improvements to the Photos app including lots of advanced editing options, Instagram now gives its users more editing choices to tweak individual parameters of an image before sharing it.

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iPhone 6 May Also Get Dual-Sensors Similar to the New HTC One

The new HTC One might not be the only smartphone to feature a dual-sensor camera. Apple Insider spotted a new Apple patent that suggests the company is looking into developing a dual-sensor camera, which splits capturing color from the actual exposure. While one sensor will specifically photograph colors in the scene another sensor focuses on luminance or the brightness data.

Together these two sensors would combine their data to produce a final image. From the sounds of it one of the camera’s sensors would basically be monochromatic, which could help it see more shades of gray and different lighting details. Additionally the Apple patent says that the split design would allow for improved signal-to-noise ratio to improve image quality.

Despite the patent drawing depicts the camera on a MacBook, the patent also mentions this new arrangement could make the entire module thinner; allowing for slimmer bodied handsets such as the iPhone 6. It’s an interesting concept that could help improve the quality of Apple’s smartphone images even beyond iPhoneography. But for now the patent is just a patent, so we will have to wait and see if anything real comes out of it.

Via DPReview

New York Street Photographer Made $15,000 via Instagram in One Day

Daniel Arnold's Instagram feed

For many, photography is more than just a hobby, more than just a passion. It can be a state of mind, even a way of life. For those that cannot think of doing anything but taking pictures, a career as a photographer may be the only viable option. However, being a professional photographer and actually making a living from your photography are two entirely different things. This is what “the best photographer on Instagram“, Daniel Arnold, had to realize on the eve of his 34th birthday, when he was left with less than $100 in his bank account.

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The Ladibird Case Transforms Your iPhone Into a Serious Portraiture Device

ladibird iphone camera

Real invention is scarce these days, especially when seeing the major brands playing it safe and releasing the same thing over and over again. It’s refreshing to see some really new stuff every once in a while–and the ladibird iPhone case definitely qualifies. The device is a bit like a Ricoh GXR module in that it houses a large sensor and a prime lens, and uses the iPhone 5 as its camera body. But what it does to your iPhone is simply spectacular: it transforms it into a serious portraiture camera!

The ladibird has been successfully crowdfunded over at Indiegogo, and is now preparing for mass production. Once development is finished, you’ll be able to buy an iPhone case that holds a large sensor as well as a 50mm f1.8 prime lens that’ll let you take pictures both in low light and with strong subject isolation and beautiful bokeh. As for the size of the sensor, and whether the lens is a real 50mm or just a full-frame equivalent, that information is not available yet.

When the ladibird hits the market, it will be available for US-$ 315 according to the Indiegogo page. While that may be a lot of cash for an iPhone case, it’s really not that expensive considering what you’d pay for a real DSLR or mirrorless camera with an equivalent lens. Currently, the ladibird is expected to reach mass production during 2014. We really hope that we’ll get to see it by the end of the year, as this is definitely one of the most intriguing announcements as of late.

iPhoneographers Rejoice: 500px Adds Metadata Editing, Light Boost Promises Better Low Light Images

iPhone 5S

The iPhone is the device that really started the mobile photography boom. Considering this, it’s no wonder that many developers are focusing on iPhone users first, and only later port their apps to Android. It’s no exception this time, with Android users of the 500px app receiving only a couple of minor changes with the latest update. iPhoneographers, on the other hand, can now enjoy Metadata editing straight out of the latest version of the iOS app.

The new 500px app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

Then, there’s a new photo app for iOS called ‘Light Boost,’ and it promises to do exactly that. The app is specialized on low light situations, and will deliver better image quality than the original iOS photo app, according to its developers. In part, this is achieved through longer exposure times as well as lower resolution and lower framerates in video mode. As what other kinds of magic are at work here, we have no clue.

The app is currently discounted on iTunes and sells for US $0.99 during the Christmas season.

Also in the news today was VSCO Cam, which offers new filter presets for both iOS and Android users. See our news story here.

Via Photography Blog and Engadget

iPhoneArt Launches Kickstarter to Make Daguerrotype and Ambrotype Prints Available to All

Ambrotype print by iPhoneArts

Have you ever dreamed of having your iPhone photos printed as Daguerrotypes or Ambrotypes? Neither have we. But apparently iPhoneArt sees a market for that, which is why they’re launching a Kickstarter campaign so they can bring affordable Daguerrotype and Ambrotype prints to everyone. Using special printing processes, the Daguerrotypes will be executed on specially coated mirrors, while the Ambrotypes will be executed on glass. This way, iPhoneArt aims to give vintage-looking mobile photography a physical form.

Check out their Kickstarter video after the jump.

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Has Sony Just Invented the Future of Mobile Photography?

Sony Smartphone Camera Attachment Thingie

When smartphones became more widespread, and the cameras they featured became more and more capable, everyone though that the days of the compact camera were over. Consumers seemed to have decided that the tiny cameras in their phones were all they needed, and the so-called ‘iPhoneography’ seemed to be the future–for the time being. Now though, it seems that Sony just re-invented mobile photography, by creating something of a hybrid between compact camera and smartphone.

Via Ubergizmo

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Joby Announces Their First, “Ultra Comfortable Camera Straps” and More

We’ve seen a variety of camera straps in our lifetime, ranging from the standard straps that we get from a DSLR purchase to the high quality straps such as the Wapiti Strap that we can’t believe exists. Joby is looking to join the latter category with their UltraFit Sling Strap and the 3-Way Camera Strap. These straps integrate comfort, style, and utility into a highly promising product.


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Quick Review: Joby Gorilla Mobile for Apple iPhone

Joby GorillaMobile

Joby GorillaMobile

Joby GorillaMobile

I know many people who own, use, and love Gorilla Pods. Most people probably have one of the normal Gorilla Pods or maybe the new SLR Zoom version (review on the way), but you may not know about the Joby Gorillamobile, one of their newest products. Unfortunately, this newest version only works for one specific camera. You probably think it’s pretty silly for a company to make an accessory for just one product but when I tell you it’s for the millions upon millions of people who own an iPhone 4 or 4s, it makes more sense.

I was intrigued when I first heard about this product and decided to request a review unit. I thought about what its purpose is and what it allows you to do. Well, if you’re an iPhone 4 or 4s owner, click through to learn what this nifty little device can do for you.

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