Has Sony Just Invented the Future of Mobile Photography?

Sony Smartphone Camera Attachment Thingie

When smartphones became more widespread, and the cameras they featured became more and more capable, everyone though that the days of the compact camera were over. Consumers seemed to have decided that the tiny cameras in their phones were all they needed, and the so-called ‘iPhoneography’ seemed to be the future–for the time being. Now though, it seems that Sony just re-invented mobile photography, by creating something of a hybrid between compact camera and smartphone.

Via Ubergizmo

According to rumors circulating the internet, Sony could soon be launching camera attachments that can be used with a smartphone. These attachment consist merely of a lens and sensor, and since they lack screen, buttons and storage unit, they’re operated entirely via smartphone. Which is ingenious, honestly. The general idea is similar to the Ricoh GXR camera, but the difference is that the lens+sensor unit can be attached or detached without loosing any functionality, because the data is transmitted wirelessly (via NFC and WiFi). Imagine what you could do with that …

Rumor has it that Sony will soon introduce two versions of this wireless smartphone accessory camera (I’m sure the internet will soon agree on a more snazzy name for it): one featuring the RX100 sensor and a Carl Zeiss lens, and one featuring a 10x zoom lens. Both would be more than awesome, and we’re super anxious to see them in reality. In the meantime, check out the video below to see how the system works in theory.


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