Cedric Blanchon Creates Mobile Surrealism with Just an iPhone

Cedric Blanchon Captain Crunch

All images by Cedric Blanchon. Used with permission.

Bemoan iPhoneography as much as you want, smartphone photography has come a long way in the last few years and inspired many people to become shutterbugs. Cedric Blanchon is someone you would call a master iPhoneographer. We came across Cedric’s work though the EyeEm Festival & Awards competition where he won a slot as one of the finalists in the Illusionist. It might shock you that Cedric’s winning contribution entitled Captain Crunch was entirely shot and edited with an iPhone, but it’s true.

Cedric explained he simply set his iPhone on a timer to take the original photo of himself lying on the table and then another frame of the cereal bowl spilling onto the table. “I edited the two photos and superimposed them together with my iPhone using apps like VFX Studio and Snapseed,” Cedric revealed.

Since purchasing his first iPhone four years ago, Cedric has gone on to become an expert in smartphone photography and his surrealistic style. “I always liked the funny and fantastic things to the literature,” France native said. Cedric noted he draws inspiration from a wide variety of media from Kafka’s book to David Lynch’s movies and the illustrations of Claude Serre.

“I’m actually curious about everything and I love inspired by things I see or hear,” Cedric said. “I am always looking for a new idea or concept, and all my influences helps a lot.”

In the future Cedric hopes to mix in more shooting with a higher-resolution and traditional camera, but for now he says he is more focused on the creation of his images by themselves. You can see more of Cedric’s work after the break.

Don’t forget to visit his website or check out his EyeEm profile and Flickr. If you like his work you can also Like him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram.

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Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.