iPhone 6 May Also Get Dual-Sensors Similar to the New HTC One

The new HTC One might not be the only smartphone to feature a dual-sensor camera. Apple Insider spotted a new Apple patent that suggests the company is looking into developing a dual-sensor camera, which splits capturing color from the actual exposure. While one sensor will specifically photograph colors in the scene another sensor focuses on luminance or the brightness data.

Together these two sensors would combine their data to produce a final image. From the sounds of it one of the camera’s sensors would basically be monochromatic, which could help it see more shades of gray and different lighting details. Additionally the Apple patent says that the split design would allow for improved signal-to-noise ratio to improve image quality.

Despite the patent drawing depicts the camera on a MacBook, the patent also mentions this new arrangement could make the entire module thinner; allowing for slimmer bodied handsets such as the iPhone 6. It’s an interesting concept that could help improve the quality of Apple’s smartphone images even beyond iPhoneography. But for now the patent is just a patent, so we will have to wait and see if anything real comes out of it.

Via DPReview

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.