The New Photo Trend: Professional Birthing Photography

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Don’t question it! Just don’t…but this is a thing now. According to an article by the Globe and Mail, parents now want to capture the birthing process of their child. While this may sound very weird to many single folks, we’re not sure that anyone could concentrate on someone shoving a glorious Canon L lens in their face while giving birth–unless you want to grab it and start screaming bloody murder at the photographer. The article continues to state that it’s a big trend in Texas.

The article opens up quite hysterically beautiful too:

“When the anesthesiologist cheerfully grabbed the camera from my husband to document my son’s entry to the world via emergency C-section, neither of us had the focus nor the energy to object.

We now cherish the slightly gory images, especially the one where my alien-Buddha boy is not yet fully out. He, too, is fascinated by the creature he sees in his baby book.”

And the price? Sessions are going for $500-$2,000–and it seems to be very amateur photographer friendly.

It has spurred on the creation of the Birth Photographers website (an absolutely genius plan for Google keywording), where you can become a member of a group or join the Facebook group. The group is designed to help folks find the right photographer for them: and has members in 26 countries with over 860 to choose from. They even have competitions with voting processes.

So–whose ready to be on-call with pregnant parents?

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