Review: Smartframe (A More Secure Way to Share Your Images)


The goal of Smartframe is to make your digital images more secure on the Web, but does it work?

Digital images have really revolutionized how we share our work. Today we are able to snap a picture, edit it, and post it online within just a few short minutes. Before you know it your work is in front of millions of eyes around the globe. As amazing as this is, it doesn’t come without its problems and the biggest problem is image theft. The moment your image is online it can take just seconds for someone to right click and save your pictures to their computer. They can also screenshot the image if you have right click disabled on your blog or website. This has been a problem for as long as I can remember. Enter Smartframe. Continue reading…

Opinion: Unsplash’s Latest News Is a Mockery to Photographers


Over 1,000,000 images have been shared on Unsplash now; that makes our heads and hearts hurt.

We have spoken in some depth about Unsplash and how they are unraveling the threads of photography as we know it. It seems as though the threads are being pulled apart faster and faster. The company just announced that over a million images have been shared with them by photographers and creators who may not understand exactly what they are doing to themselves or the industry as a whole. Heavy sigh Continue reading…

Dropbox Partners With Unsplash in Deal That Rips off Photographers

Image rights

Apparently Dropbox thinks Unsplash and their toxic views in regards to image rights are cool.

Just when we thought things couldn’t possibly get much worse for photographers who unknowingly give up their image rights to services like Unsplash, things take another turn for the worse. The real bad part here is that Dropbox, one of the largest cloud based services around, has now got in on the act. A service called Dropbox Paper which allows teams to collaborate in online projects will now have access to over 850,000 images that have been quite honestly snatched from talented photographers around the globe; and they won’t get a single penny for their work. Sigh.  Continue reading…

The Industry Needs to Stop Taking Photographers Image Rights ASAP

We’ve noticed a disturbing trend regarding image rights and it just seems to be getting worse.

There are a ton of services out there that market themselves as the perfect way for photographers to get their work seen by, and possibly even purchased by major brands and organizations, all you have to do is sign up to use, upload your images and then wait for all of that exposure to pay off; only there’s a catch. A lot of these services state in the small print that you will be giving up all image rights, and that you can never claim to be the photographer who took the image. Wait. What? The saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true” definitely rings out here, and a recent report about another image rights grab has just confirmed that this issue is just getting worse. Continue reading…