The New Gitzo Century Camera Bag Collection is Designed to Look like Carbon Fiber

Gitzo is a name that may not be a well-known now by newer photographers with such a saturated accessory market. But for the old timers, this is a brand that holds prestige and commands respect. Many companies can come and go in an industry over the course of 100 years, few if any, last that long. Gitzo has managed to hit that mark, and for their centennial celebration, the company is launching their Century Camera Bag Collection. Continue reading…

Tripod Alternatives for The Travelling Photographer


Though a tripod can be an invaluable tool for producing sharp images, you may not enjoy hauling it around especially when traveling. If you want sharp images, but not the burden of a large tripod, there are alternatives. To achieve sharp images in low light or long exposures, here are some products that may prove a better alternatives to the traditional legs and head.

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Holiday 2012: Recommended Tripods (No Matter What Your Needs)


Unless your hands are as stable as a turntable, you would benefit from employing a tripod. For the longest time I shunned tripods because I thought they would cramp my style and freedom. Freedom is popular these days and I didn’t want to hand it over to a silly, three-legged device.

But it turns out tripods can really help certain types of photography. Landscape is one of them, so is portraiture. Products, architecture…just about everything except underwater (although I was tempted to try that on my last trip to Hawaii). If you’re thinking of picking up a tripod or two, let me give you some suggestions based on pocketbook size and intended use. Options listed here range from $3 to $1550.

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Review: Gitzo Traveler Tripod

The Gitzo Traveler

Cheap tripods litter the marketplace and most sub-$200 models won’t support a descent SLR and a 200mm lens. But if you want to make one investment in a tripod and never need to replace it, Gitzo is a great choice. This is the Gitzo Traveler GT1542T and is the perfect choice for assignments since it fits easily in most carry-on luggage and is light enough to hardly notice when you’re on the go.

How many years should go by before you wear one out? That’s hard to know since this reviewer has had the same Gitzo tripod since 1988. Amazingly, the newest version is even better than mine. If there were an odometer on my tripod it would probably read over 150,000 miles. How many products in general have you kept that long and still use? 

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