Street Photography Showdown: Leica M9-P vs Olympus EP3 vs Fuji X100

We’ve reviewed the Leica M9-P (M9P or M-9P), Olympus EP3 (E-P3 or EP-3) and the Fuji X100 (Fujifilm X100) and put them through their paces. Now if you take a look at street photography forums and read questions from photographers, they will all express uncertainty about which camera would be best for them. After long, thorough and exhaustive testing, this is the comparison review; we hope our findings will answer the questions of street photographers and documentarians everywhere.

So which one is right for you and which one can be declared king of the streets? Let’s find out.

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Shooting Street Photography with the Olympus EP3

Since our full review of the Olympus EP3 (or E-P3, EP-3, and EP 3) we’ve had inquiries about how the camera fares for use in full street photography. Make no mistake, the camera will not make you a better photographer, but the camera will indeed make many shooting situations a heck of a lot easier to deal with. This posting will chronicle my street photography outings that I had while the camera was on loan to me.

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Which One: Olympus EP-3 vs Olympus EP-2

As a proud owner of the Olympus EP-2 (E-P2, or EP2) and after having the Olympus EP-3 (also called the Olympus Pen, EP3, and E-P3) in my hands for a while, one wonders if it’s worth the upgrade. Sure, the Olympus EP-3 does much to make it stand out from its predecessor. However, some features may not be notable enough to current EP-2 owners. So is it really worth the upgrade?

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