Review: VSCO Film Pack 04 for Lightroom

vscofilm_04_LR_45-pid29Visual Supply Co. is a brand that’s really making a name for itself in the image editing arena lately. Between their fantastic plugins for Lightroom, Aperture and Adobe Camera Raw, and their VSCO Cam app for iOS (and soon Android devices), they have a pretty substantial audience of amateur and professional photographers alike. Visual Supply Co.’s latest release is the VSCO Film Pack 04, which emulates popular slide (transparency) films from decades since past. However, they have chosen fairly “modern” film stocks from Agfa, Fujifilm, and Kodak for this pack, which leaves room for some classic stocks such as the famed Kodachrome line in the future. I had a chance to spend some time with VSCO 04 (already being a big fan of 01, 02, 03, and VSCO Cam), and I wanted to share my findings with you all. Continue reading…

Adobe Releases a New Video That Makes You Feel Guilty for Pirating it

You see, I can make jokes about pirating their software because not only do I personally dislike (hate) Adobe but I’ve never used their software for any of my work. Rant aside Adobe just launched a new video along with a blog post announcing some lesser known facts about CS6. Here are some of the neat facts that are in the video:

  • 10,000 people hours to build Photoshop CS6
  • 4.5 million lines of code
  • 1,900 icons replaced along with 250 cursors
  • 63% more features (how do you measure that?)
  • 24 changes to the crop tool
  • 2,563 beta testers
  • The largest document size in Photoshop CS6 is 300,000 pixels
  • 601 cases of beer were consumed
  • It was finished on Friday the 13th and its internal codename was superstition (coincidence?)
  • 500,000 downloads in the first week (I wasn’t one of them)

They created this video to celebrate reaching the 5 million fans mark on their Facebook page, this is of course something we celebrate now.

Adobe Releases New Features for Photoshop Via the Creative Cloud; More to Come at 10AM PT

Expect to hear loads more about all the announcements and changes that Adobe is making to the creative cloud; but here’s the ones that you probably care about the most. Well, the one with lots built into it. Adobe is adding in several new features to Photoshop CS6. In a nutshell, they are:

  • Immediate support for HiDPI (Retina) displays for Apple MacBook Pro. This feature was also made available to perpetual license customers as a free update.
  • Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify.
  • The ability to quickly export CSS code for text and objects, and import color swatches to easily design incredible websites.
  • New workflow timesavers including Crop tool refinements.
  • 3D enhancements including improved live (OpenGL) previews of shadow effects and additional control over illumination using 32-bit color picker to create glow effects.
  • Conditional Actions that automatically select the appropriate Action based on user-defined rules, giving users enhanced image processing speed.

Also, expect Digital Editions to get a boost for iPad content creation. You can still grab CS6 from Amazon if you wish.


Get Ready for Adobe’s Create Now Livestream on Dec. 11

Beginning at 10 AM PST on December 11th, Adobe will be hosting their live stream event Create Now. During this event, they will be announcing several major updates to their Adobe Creative Cloud which if you don’t know, is their subscription service that allows users access to their Creative Suite 6 software (except inDesign) instead of purchasing them at full price. You can then store and share your files all online through their Cloud integration.  Along with that, we’ll be seeing some big updates to Photoshop CS6 as well, with rumors of a retina update for you Retina Macbook users on the way.

Not only will there be software updates, but there will also be some guest speakers from the creative industry giving talks and advice; included will be a behind-the-scenes look at the Monty Python movie animations.

Adobe is inviting viewers to join in and participate in their live stream by asking questions live with the #CreateNow hashtag. You can watch the Livestream at their website come December 11.

Focal Press Announces New Books/YouTube Tutorials for Photoshop CS6 Users

While everyone and their mentor has been blogging all about how Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop CS6 will make you a better photographer, Focal Press today outed some tutorials on learning how to use the damn software to begin with. First off, there are 9 books that you can check out right here.

And for those of you that refuse to upgrade, they have Photoshop CS5Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS3 users covered.

Most impressively though, is their full on list of video tutorials that they put out today. Take a look at a couple of them right after the jump.

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