Fine Art Photographer Jennifer McClure on a Photographer’s Nightmare

“I had some big issues in my life that I needed to process, and photography was a way for me to do that,” explains fine art photographer Jennifer McClure. “I didn’t set out to work in fine art, but I am happy that I landed here.” Jennifer is based in NYC and has profound advice on getting out of a photographer’s worst nightmare: the creative rut. We’ve all spoken to photographers who hit this obstacle and don’t know where to go. Typically, we treat ourselves harshly and beat ourselves up. But Jennifer used a completely different approach. Her words and teachings are bound to get someone experiencing a rut very interested in her process.

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Zenji Uehara and His Experimental Photography Produce Unique Images

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“I want to convey a sense of wonder rather than logic”, says Japanese photographer Zenji Uehara about his work. A book editor until his mid-20s, Zenji quit his day job to pursue photography after seeing the photos of legendary photographer Daido Moriyama. The experimentation that Zenji pursues doesn’t just involve new techniques: he actively designs and invents new add-ons for his cameras and lenses, some of which have sold many units worldwide.

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Lana Eileen Conveys the Language of Water Through Stunning Images

All images by Lana Eileen. Used with permission.

My name is Lana Eileen. I am a visual artist, musician, and photographer currently based on the island of Tasmania, Australia.  My work as a photographer seeks to capture a sense of ethereality, combining reality and fantasy to create scenes laced with the heightened quality of magic realism.  I approach each photograph like an art piece.  Though I favor the grainy quality of vintage film cameras, I also use a Canon 5D MK III and Canon 600D.  I only use natural light.

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The AI Photographer and Understanding the Role of the Creative

What are the implications for our future when art becomes utterly transient and immaterial?

Recently, my wife shared a link with me; it was photography-related, so she thought it might interest me. Sure enough, I clicked—and was gobsmacked. This site certainly had everything to do with photography, but not at all in the way I had expected. The link produced a page that showed nothing but a portrait: a fairly tight headshot with an oddly blurred background, in fact. There was no caption, no text to give a name, or any kind of context. If I refreshed the page, another portrait would be served up almost instantly. Intrigued, I reloaded the page a few times and stared at perfect strangers. It did strike me that there was something odd about these images, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Little did I know it was basically an AI photographer being used to produce the images.

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You Should Never Force Yourself Through a Creative Rut

Forcing yourself through a creative rut sometimes puts you right back into a spot you were in before.

The last time I suffered through a creative rut, I spent about a year trying to figure out who I was as a photographer. What I learned during that time is that it doesn’t make any sense to force it. During their creative ruts many photographers spend time trying new things over and over again. It’s fun. Sometimes things don’t end up in their portfolio and sometimes they learn new things that they can add to it. For some, that’s fine. It’s part of the process and they’re not forcing themselves through their rut.

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The Complete Video Creators Bundle 2017 Is Here!

Video Creators Bundle 2017

We have posted about several of the 5DayDeal bundles over the last year, and today we are here to let you know about their latest venture – The Complete Video Creators Bundle 2017. In this kit you will get over $2,000 worth of video creation education from some of the world’s leading video educators for just $97.

If you have been looking to learn more about video, or if you have already started getting into video and are just looking to improve on what you already know, this is really a deal that you can’t pass up. As per usual, this deal is available for 5 days only and then it is gone for good. 10% of the proceeds will also still be going to the 5DayDeals Charity Partners, so you can not only feel great about getting a killer deal on some excellent education, but also about supporting some causes that need your help. It’s about as close to a win-win as they come.

This promotion is available starting today, June 1st at 12pm (PST) and will run through 12pm Pacific (PST) on June 6th. Want to learn more? You can go to the 5DayDeal Website to get all of the details.

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Mike Ioannidis: From Observer to Analog Film Photo Creator (NSFW)

All images by Mike Ioannidis. Used with permission.

Photographer Mike Ioannidis is a 26 year old mechanical engineer that loves bike riding, climbing and analog photography. He lives in Athens, Greece.  “…photography has played a vital role in my life!” Mike tells us about the last seven years. “Although it doesn’t pay my bills, it serves a greater purpose!” For Mike, photography is a form of self expression. He gets a chance to express emotions, feelings and capture what he sees, in the unique way.

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Photographer Christoph Zoubek Uses Film to Create Gorgeous Portraits

All images by Christoph Zoubek. Used with permission.

Photographer Christoph Zoubek describes himself as a self-taught photographer (and medical student) from the south of Germany. “I’ve been shooting on film since I picked up my grandad’s Rolleiflex in 2011 after shooting…or rather ‘wasting’ a couple of years with digital SLRs.” Since then, he can attest to the fact that he hasn’t own a digital camera. Chris shoots in a load of formats and with a variety of films. He applied to be featured in our upcoming analog zine and I thought his submission to be good enough to be featured here.

Below are words from Christoph.

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For Photographers, Instagram Is Tumblr All Over Again

When it comes to learning and understanding how to use Instagram, pretty much most people fail at it. In fact, pretty much most people fail at social media because everyone and their mother (literally) are (literally) all about themselves. Broadcasting things about yourself as a photographer is important on social media, but also developing content that people will actually care about is too. Further, so is the actual interaction part. You’ll need to build connections.

But more importantly, you’ll need to figure out that hacking the platform isn’t totally just about creating or capturing images. It’s also about curating them.

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