Masks Are Still Important Shows Sandeep MV’s New Series

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” says commercial photographer Sandeep MV about whether masks are still something we need to wear in public. And rightly so given the rise in cases worldwide, especially in the USA and India. The manner in which the pandemic in India personally affected Sandeep MV got him thinking about creating a Covid-19 related photoshoot. Highlighting their importance but keeping it eye-catching, he produced a slightly off-beat yet relevant set of images.

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Aaron Yeandle’s Fascinating Portraits Allowed Him to Explore

Covid was a new and invisible terror,” the photographer Aaron Yeandle remembers. “March 2020 was a very scary time, as we were just seeing and hearing about these mass deaths all over the world.” In Guernsey, where Yeandle is based, the first lockdown ran for 88 days, starting on March 24th. During that time, the artist and his wife, like many of us, were flooded with countless pictures of people in hazmat suits, watching from their apartment as the global death count rose. Masks became a part of their daily lives. 

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Why the New Approach to Photo Exhibitions Is Heartbreaking

COVID-19 is changing how we approach photo exhibitions; in many ways it’s heartbreaking.

Like the rest of the world, the photo industry is working hard to find new ways to stay productive during 2020. COVID-19 and lockdowns have made it impossible for photographers to be as productive as they once were. And while I’m enjoying seeing new creative ways in which photographers are staying active, most of it is extremely sad. One of the biggest changes is the way we attend photo exhibitions. Once reserved for beautiful galleries, most of them are now online. It’s heartbreaking.

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Report: What It’s Like to Test Cameras During the COVID 19 Crisis

I’m sharing my most candid thoughts on what it’s like to test cameras during the COVID-19 crisis if you’re curious.

By all means, I’ll be the first to tell you that what we do here at The Phoblographer is purely for people to escape the world and, in some ways, be opened up to more parts of it. I can tell that, by our readership, many of you come here every day to escape the news and to enjoy more of your own hobby. But at the same time, I think it’s vital to tell lots of stories as much as you feel it is to share your opinions. So today, I’m sharing how we’re testing cameras amidst COVID 19 and lots of the logistical issues involved here. Our aim is to give you a peek, so you understand just how tough a job this is, how long we spend, how almost everything is a team effort, and how things are changing. And most importantly, I’m writing this as a bit of a piece of personal therapy.

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COVID-19 Sent Photographer Michel Leroy Down AC/DC’s Highway to Hell

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach how they created an image with their lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how you can submit.

Michel Leroy is an entertainment and advertising photographer based out of New York. As most of you are undoubtedly aware, New York is one of the cities hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak. As a result, much of the photography industry in New York is in a holding pattern at the moment. To say that we’re living in interesting times right now would be quite an understatement. Creativity is what drives us as photographers. But how do you create when we’re all confined within our homes? When the whole world is essentially on pause? Looking to social media for inspiration, Michel stumbled upon his friend Phil Adams’ recreation of Blondie’s Parallel Lines album cover using found objects from around the house. This project led Michel to do a similar project with his family. For his take on the concept, Michel decided on AC/DC’s classic Highway to Hell cover. With celebrity chefs and Olympic athletes amongst his subjects, Michel’s produced style lends an authentic connection to these personalities. His images reveal a level of comfort and vitality shared amongst friends, and you can clearly see this on display here.

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Nudity Pertaining to Photography: Is It Really Necessary? (NSFW)

Nudity in photography is sometimes an overused tool to make a statement.

I’m not a prude. I love nudity — too much, some may say. But when it applies to photography, I’m more analytical about the use of nudity and its purpose in the overall message. The Phoblographer was recently sent a press release highlighting the work of Spencer Tunick. The work looked at isolation and togetherness, and all his subjects were nude. Tunick is a seasoned photographer; his credentials speak for themselves. But while reviewing the project, I kept asking myself one question: why.

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PSA: If You’re Going to Shoot Street Photography, Please Wear a Mask

To those who shoot street photography during this time, please distance yourselves and wear masks.

Testing cameras has made it apparent that many of the traditional tenets of street photography need to go out the window right now. The best solution possible is to just not do it right now. But I sympathize, empathize, and relate to folks not wanting to stay in all day. They want to go out and shoot. So if you do, I urge you to please be careful. COVID-19 is real. Nothing Trump says will help, and here in the US, we are far behind most of the world when it comes to recovery. If you’re going to do street photography, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

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You Need to See These Powerful Documentary Projects That Focus on COVID-19

Photographers are doing some solid documentary projects right now, and we want to show them to you.

Here at The Pholographer, we love sinking our teeth into some good documentary photography. We appreciate the vision, time, and execution photographers put into sharing the world’s most important stories. And while some projects fail to hit the mark, many hit the sweet spot and make a substantial impact on society. With everything that’s going on the world, a deadly virus and quarantines, some photographers are capturing the moment wonderfully. So, while we could wax lyrical about our love for the genre, let’s move on to this round-up of fantastic documentary projects that you all need to know about.

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Jared Gruenwald Provides a View Through the Lockdown Glass

In this interesting project, Jared Gruenwald shares how his side of the world is holding up in this time of global lockdown and quarantine.

With much of the world reeling from the spread of COVID-19, the anxiety, panic, and isolation has been creeping upon us. Of course, we want to check up on our friends and family and see how they’re doing. For Philadelphia-based commercial photographer and owner of Left Eyed Studios Jared Gruenwald, it’s also an opportunity to document his rounds and show how his side of the world is holding up. With this, he began a photo project titled Through the Lockdown Glass.

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OP Ed: National Geographic Is in the Wrong for This Rights Grab

National Geographic is offering up to $8,000, but at what expense for the photographers?

Making a sustainable income as a photojournalist isn’t easy even at the best of times. Doing it during a global crisis where everyone is feeling the strain is pretty much impossible. To help keep the flow of quality photojournalism running, National Geographic is offering applicants between $1,000 to $8,000 so that they can keep working on stories. That sounds like an incredible opportunity on the surface. However, after doing a little reading into the Terms and Conditions, some photographers believe National Geographic is overstepping the mark when it comes to a photographer’s ownership of their photos.

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Ja Wang: The Town Under the Coronavirus on the Fujifilm XT3

All images by Ja Wang. Used with permission.

“I think it’s a way of healing the city,” explains Ja Wang about his street photography. Specifically, Ja Wang did what many of us have recently done: documented their local city during the COVID-19 scare. We’re all stuck inside right now and this is all very surreal. But as Ja states, this is a pretty important time in history. Though China has shown signs of recovery from the virus, this series shows a part of China we’re not used to seeing here in the West.

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Freelancers Can Claim Unemployment Benefits if Affected by COVID-19

Thanks to the efforts of the Freelancers Union, the self-employed will now be eligible for the same benefits as everyone else.

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on workers across the United States, with many unfortunately losing their jobs. However, the government recently passed a stimulus bill that would guarantee protection to many workers across the country. All seemed well until the Freelancers Union noticed that freelancers and the self-employed were not included in the deal that would provide insurance, unemployment, and access to the one-time income payments. The Freelancers Union group took matters into their own hands, and thanks to their work, freelance photographers, journalists, content creators, and more will now be able to apply for the same benefits as everyone else if they have lost work due to the Coronavirus. Join us after the break for the details.

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Format Offers $25,000 to Photographers Impacted By COVID-19

Format is ready to support photographers impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Because of ongoing quarantines and social distancing, many photographers have been left with little to no work. The popular online portfolio platform, Format, recognizes this and wants to support those who are currently struggling. In a recent announcement, the company has said that $25,000 is available for photographers in desperate need of financial support.

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10 Photography Activities for Staying Productive in Quarantine

You shouldn’t stop being productive as a photographer despite being in quarantine due to COVID-19.

While we’re certainly living in unsettling times: forced to cancel events, and observe quarantine measures and social distancing due to COVID-19, there are many things we can do to stay creative and productive. Our fellow photographers are coming up with tips and suggestions on how to keep our skills sharp even with the limitations that come with being stuck at home. JT of Run N Gun, who suggests we think of this situation as a gift of free time, recently shared his quick video and blog post about 10 things you can do to keep boredom at bay while holding out.

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Photo Projects You Can Do at Home While Quarantined

You potentially have a lot of time on your hands, which means it’s time to get creative and try some new photo projects!

COVID-19 has completely taken over the world. The impact it has had on global industries, including the photo industry, is catastrophic. People are doing all they can to keep going, keep sane, and keep happy. For a photographer, being stuck at home (if you’re in quarantine) is terrible – especially if you do most of your work outdoors. But it’s important not to let the gloom take over, and we all have to push ourselves to be creative. If you’re scratching your head as to what you can do at home creatively, don’t worry. Here are some photo projects you can work on while stuck in quarantine.

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Coronavirus: What Photographers are Doing to Cope

With events and gatherings across the globe being canceled due to Coronavirus, even creative activities like photography are put on hold.

All over the world, events and gatherings, including photography events and workshops, are being canceled as part of measures to keep the COVID-19 from spreading further. Social distancing is also in effect to prevent the spread of the virus, so that means no shooting portraits with models and even strangers out in the streets. Client work and paid projects are also affected, making this dreaded disease such an ordeal for professional photographers. The biggest question, therefore, is how are photographers holding up? What are they doing to deal with the onslaught of COVID-19?

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