This Camera Bag Lets Photographers Support a Project for the Homeless

You support the #DoSomethingForNothing project when you get a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition.

If you’re thinking of how you can help someone in need to start your year right, here’s a collaboration to consider. German camera bag maker COSYSPEED has recently launched the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition – a limited edition camera bag created in partnership with street photographer Valerie Jardin. The project is Valerie’s way of supporting London hair stylist Joshua Coombes and his #DoSomethingForNothing project.

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The Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER Streetomatic+ Can Hold Larger Mirrorless Cameras

Cosyspeed is a camera bag manufacturer that was initially known for creating some pretty suped up fanny packs for photographers. In some ways, they kind of are–but they’ve also evolved quite a bit with the company’s Streetomatic making a decent sling bag. Now, Cosyspeed is releasing their CAMSLINGER Streetomatic+. This is a camera bag that is a bit larger and designed to accommodate larger mirrorless cameras and even serious DSLRs without a grip and that have a lens attached.

What Cosyspeed has always valued is quick access to your camera, and for the most part they’ve done a pretty good job in their improvements over the years.

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Review: Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic Camera Sling

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Cosyspeed Streetomatic review product photos (1 of 11)ISO 4001-160 sec at f - 2.8

When the original Cosyspeed Camslinger debuted, we thought that it was very specialized. A couple of years later, we have a slight update in the form of the Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic–a minutely larger but significantly sexier version designed for mirrorless camera users who want to keep their kit to a minimum.

The Streetomatic is a bag that, well, still isn’t really considered a bag but isn’t exactly the fanny pack that the previous version was. It’s a bit of a middle ground between being a sling and a satchel. In fact, I prefer to wear it like a sling and makes the most sense when it comes to commuting around Brooklyn by bike.

This bag has significant improvements over the previous version; but it’s still not perfect for the working pro.

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