The Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic is Half Sling Bag Half Utility Belt

CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Khaki_II

When Cosyspeed came out with the Camslinger a while back, it proved to be a product that showed potential in the right camera market. Now, they’re back with the new Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic–a new version that seems a bit larger, comes in new colors and can even act as a small sling for those of us who ride bikes often.

They’re designed to hold mirrorless cameras but can also accommodate DSLRs without a lens or smaller DSLR cameras. Additionally, you can stick your phone into one pocket. Like the original Camslinger, this system works with a belt that goes around the hip. That turns out to work well for wedding photographers always on the job, but it can also act as a sling that goes around the chest. This version also includes a rain cover.

The project, which is currently on IndieGoGo, requires around $17K to get it off the ground. Their intro video is below.

Chris Gampat

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