How the iPad Pro Can Do Better for Photographers

A few months back, I bid adieu to my 2015 Macbook Pro. This was the last one to have an SD card port before Apple brought it back with the recent MacBook Pros. So I decided to see if the iPad Pro could do what I needed. I’ve got a powerful iMac from 2019 that I gladly use every day. I’m spoiled by the 27-inch display and all its ports. And by all means, as a journalist, I’m a content creator. So is the iPad Pro enough?

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Affordable Flexibility: Hybrid Cameras Perfect for New Content Creators

These hybrid cameras can capture gorgeous images, brilliant video, and won’t break the bank.

The world of content creation has gone through a massive change over the last few years. The cameras we use are now capable of helping creators make stunning images and wonderful videos. Not long ago, a camera that could help do both of these things would cost a small fortune. However, times have changed. For around $1,000, you can now get hybrid cameras with incredible sensors that can pump out 4K video and detail-rich images So, if you’re a photographer who also wants to break into videography, or vice-versa, this roundup is for you. After the break, we will share a few hybrid cameras that won’t anger your wallet or leave you wishing for more.

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