How to Keep Your Camera Lenses Working Like the Day You Bought Them

Fact: your lenses are often more important than your camera. What’s more, the condition of your lenses will really matter when it comes to image results. With today’s high-resolution cameras, the slightest imperfections can be picked up easily. Spotting lens and sensor dust is pretty simple. But all that dust can affect how your camera and lens perform. We’re going to teach you how to care for your lens, like the ones from Tamron, to keep them operating just like the day you got them.

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Video: Try This to Improve the Autofocus of Your Camera and Lens

We bet you’ve never tried this trick to tune up the autofocus of your camera.

You’ve all heard about cleaning your sensor. But how many of you clean your lenses? And we’re not just talking about the front element, but what about the contacts? And what about the autofocus contacts of your camera? How many of you are too scared to do it in the same way that you’re too afraid to clean your sensor? In one of our recent episodes of Pro Camera Reviews, I decided to show how I keep my cameras working each and every time correctly. The idea behind this is one that folks rarely do. If you asked photographers to answer honestly, I’m positive that most would say that they never do it. But in this case, it’s necessary. You can watch the video below and read along for our explanation of how we do this and why.

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Your Camera’s Autofocus is Fine; You’re Just Not Doing This

Moderns cameras have better autofocus than anything that has ever been put forward. 

I’m positive that every photographer has experienced it: you get a new camera and the autofocus system is so incredibly blazing quick. But with time, it starts to not seem so and that shiny new camera looks so much nicer. But the truth is that you’re probably not doing the right maintenance to your camera to ensure that you can keep it up. Seriously, how many of you actually actively maintain your cameras? How many of you have cleaned your sensors? And how many of you have ensured that the autofocus communication is up to par?

I thought so…

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Take a Peek at the Contact Sheets of Magnum Photographer Martin Parr

Curious about what’s on the colorful contact sheets of documentary photographer Martin Parr? We’ve got just the stuff for you!

Previously, we took a peek at the contact sheets of American-born French photographer William Klein, and learned the fascinating stories behind some of his most interesting photos. Today, it’s time for us to dive into the contact sheets of renowned British documentary photographer and Magnum member Martin Parr. If you’ve been interested in his work, you’ll surely enjoy him tell stories about his photos and colorful style.

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Master Photographer William Klein Tells the Story Behind the Photos on His Contact Sheet

If you’ve ever wondered about what’s in William Klein’s contact prints, here’s a tour from the master photographer himself

Before photographers could preview their works through computer thumbnails, they had contact sheets. A single sheet of thumbnail-sized photos was an important reference for photographers, allowing them to look at a shoot or a potential material for a series in its entirety. It was also after studying the contact print that a photographer selects the photos to be printed and published for everyone to see. In a short episode of a film collection titled Contacts, American-born French photographer William Klein dissects one of his contact sheets and gives fascinating narrations of the story behind some of his interesting images.

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