Monochrome Photography Awards Announces 2017 Contest Winners

All photos courtesy of Monochrome Photography Awards

Attention, black and white photography fans! London-based Monochrome Photography Awards has just announced the winners of their international black and white competition for 2017. If you’ve been following this contest or would like to get some visual inspiration in monochrome, take a look at some of the photos that made the cut.

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Enter the EyeTime Photo Competition


This year, Managing Editor Julius Motal and I will be judges for a special contest of really amazing photography. Put on by Morpholio and Resource Magazine, The EyeTime Photo competition highlights the work of students, enthusiasts and budding professionals for a chance to add to the list of awards associated with your name. The competition is known for showcasing very prestigious work of up and coming talent. Eyetime 2014 was assembled by photographers, professors and students as a means to publically promote the research, exploration and investigation currently happening amongst today’s emerging photographers.

You have until October 19th to submit; and considering many of the emails we receive with lots of incredible photography to showcase, we suggest you head on over and check out the competition rules.

Take a look at what some of the winners delivered last year after the jump.

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7 Tips for Competing in Photo Contests


Part of a photographer’s growth is simply getting their work out there and one of the means to do that are photo contests. Though having a website and/or a blog helps establish a presence on the web, it means very little if no one knows you exist. With new photographers rising up like poppies on the way to Oz, it becomes an increasing challenge to get noticed. This is where entering a contest can make a difference.

Though recognition is always nice, you should know what you are expecting from it. Winning a contest won’t result in fame and fortune, but it can begin the process of getting your work in front of people, some of whom may eventually provide opportunities as you continue to produce exceptional work. You should see it as a process that will not only provide your imagery some exposure, but may also help play a role in your development as a photographer. Here are some tips that may help you when considering and entering contests.

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Leica Majority Shareholder Dr. Kaufmann Acquires 21.5% Stake in

I-Shot-It Homepage

In a move that does not really come as a surprise, Leica majority shareholder Dr. Andreas Kaufmann has acquired a 21.5% stake in the online photo contest platform “”. For a small fee, enables photo-enthusiasts to take part in photographic competitions. Winners of the online photography competitions receive cash prizes—financed by the charges due for uploading image material—and a Leica camera. Hence why we are not surprised at Dr. Kaufmann’s move.

Dr. Kaufmann has made himself renowned a couple years ago, when he factually saved Leica from going bankrupt. With the introduction of the M9 digital rangefinder, S2 medium format SLR and X1 compact camera the company saw a huge incline in sales and became profitable again. What he’s up to with Only time will tell.