Cheap Photo: Three Crazy Deals Found on eBay (5D Mk II for $2000)

As always, hunting around to find great deals online can be tough. But today, I uncovered a couple of really sweet steals on eBay.

Canon 5D Mk II (Body Only): Starting a $2,000 (Normally well over $2,199)

Canon T3i: Starting at $655 (normally $849.00) See our review

Nikon D5100: Starting at $565 (normally $846.95) See our review

Don’t know which one to get, see our D5100 vs T3i comparison.

Which One is Which? Sony NEX 5n vs Nikon D5100

DXOMark rates camera sensors, and they’re considered the standard in the industry though many will argue their findings at times. When Sony sent me the NEX 5n, I looked around the internet to try to find information about it. Everyone had compared it to Canon’s 5D Mk II due to the video capabilities. However, I didn’t see much when it came to Nikon comparisons.

Let’s get one thing straight: Nikon’s D5100 and D7000 have essentially the same video modes and therefore also would almost never be usable for most pros. Though Chase Jarvis uses the D7000 to create some great video, I have to agree more with Andrew Reed’s findings in that the auto-exposure adjustment override absolutely kills me. I really highlighted this in my D5100 review. Indeed, the T3i is a much better camcorder as we concluded.

But this test is about the still image quality between the Sony NEX 5n vs the D5100. Sure one is a DSLR and one is a mirrorless camera, but they’re both APS-C sized sensors. So can you tell which photo came from which camera? Take a look at our informal test to see.

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Can You Figure This Out? Sigma 85mm f1.4 vs Canon 85mm f1.8 Lens Comparison

Photo A

Photo B

One of these images was shot with the Canon 85mm f1.8 and the other one was shot with the Sigma 85mm f1.4. Both were shot on the Canon 5D Mk II and only had profile corrections applied. Can you tell which image is from which lens? Let us know in the comments below!

Full comparison review is coming tomorrow. The EXIF Data for each image has been left in tact, but no peeking! Click each image to view them at full size.

Which One? Olympus EPM1 vs Olympus EP2 Comparison Review

Although is a bit of an out of the ordinary comparison review, it is one that totally makes sense. If you’re an owner of an older Micro Four Thirds product, would you want to upgrade? We compared the EP2 against the EP3 before, but some readers may not be able to justify the EP3‘s expense. That’s not to say it’s not worth it; after reading our review, many readers jumped ship. But the EPM1 (EPM-1 or E-PM1) is a camera that is mostly targeted towards the non-technical user. However, if left in Aperture priority, the camera can do very well in an experienced user’s hands when needing to shoot candid photos.

So if you want a more affordable option, is the Olympus EPM1 worth the plunge if you own an EP2; especially if for $100 more you get the VF2 added on? And if you want, the VF3 works on the EP2 as well.

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High ISO Noise Test: Olympus EP2 vs Canon 5D Mk II vs Leica M9-P

With the Leica M9P(or M-9P and M9P) around for a little while, I decided to put it up against my trust Canon 5D Mk IIand the Olympus EP2(or E-P2 and EP-2)  to see how the high ISO noise levels are. Granted, all three of these are different cameras: one is an EVIL camera, one is a DSLR and the other is a rangefinder. They are all used in different ways, but one of the complaints that many people state on street photography, photojournalism, and wedding forums is that the 5D Mk II is the only one with good enough high ISO capabilities.

Well, is it? Take a look at our non-scientific test and judge for yourself.

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