Liam Searson Captures the Beauty and Terror of California Wildfires

“Wildfires are equally terrifying and fascinating,” the California photographer Liam Searson tells me. “Especially at night, when the daylight fades, seeing the landscape erupt in a glowing orange is a pretty unforgettable experience. Imagine if the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, were extremely toxic and posed a major danger to those in the vicinity. Would we still find them as beautiful as we do now? In a kind of f**ked up way, that’s the same way I view wildfires.

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Tyson Rininger Spends Quality Time with Natural Underwater Beauties

“Very few people have ever been as close as I have,” explains Monterey Bay Aquarium’s photographer Tyson Rininger when asked how incredible his job is. He’s had some fascinating encounters with underwater creatures big and small and has a job many photographers would envy. How many photographers can actually say they’ve spent time in an elevator with a shark?

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David Ellis Creates Flower Photos with a Hidden Meaning

“I remember the assault of color from Filoli’s incredible tulip beds this spring,” the artist David Ellis tells me. “But I also remember the disconnect of people having to wear masks and socially distance to enjoy an outdoor park and garden.” As part of their spring display in March through May, the historic California house and garden showcased 30 varieties of tulips, from the crimson Kingsblood to the creamy White Triumphator. Still, amid all those swaths of living color, the specter of COVID-19 lingered.  

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What Happened When I Shot Street Photography on Edibles?

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Street photographers have different ways to maximize their creativity. Some like to meditate before shooting, while others pump themselves full of caffeine. When I’m in a country that legally allows it, I like to dine on an edible before I shoot street photography. (You know, the happy kind.) I’ll paraphrase: I like to get gently toasted before going to make street photographs.

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The California Freelancer Bill (AB 5) Could Affect New York Photographers

The new AB 5 freelancer bill would see thousands of self-employed Americans lose a significant portion (or all) of their income.

As if we don’t have enough on our plates already, the powers that be (in California) have decided that they want to take even more control of residents’ lives there because…eff you and your income, that’s why. The new freelancer bill (known as AB 5) is similar to a proposed law in New York and New Jersey which states that, after a certain amount of freelance jobs, the freelancer has to be made an employee of the company who pays them for their work. As you can imagine, this makes companies scared to contract freelancers, and in turn, means freelancers get shafted even more. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Mette Lampcov Documents How Climate Change Is Destroying California

In her eye-opening, long-term project, Los Angeles-based Mette Lampcov calls our attention to the reality that climate change is a multi-faceted problem that we can no longer afford to ignore.

With wildfires now burning hotter and longer, we can no longer deny or ignore the reality of climate change and its impending aftermath. This is the crux of Los Angeles-based Mette Lampcov’s documentary work in California, one of the hotspots of deadly fires in the United States. Titled Water to Dust, it chronicles how climate change is a two-pronged problem in the state, and aims to open our eyes to the dramatic impact that threatens to spread across the globe.

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This Law Proposal Could Help a Lot of Photographers

Photographers who had to deal with “waiting time penalties” from claims by talents or their attorneys, here’s a law proposal that could be of great help.

Ever gone through the nightmare of paying for “waiting time penalties” just days after shooting with a model? It’s a common problem particularly for photographers in California. This is because of a loophole in the Labor Law for Print Productions, which indicates that talents can file claims for the penalties mentioned if they aren’t paid their wages upon wrap. So this can be a big problem for producers, photographers, and agencies who may not be able to make payments upon wrap due to unforeseen circumstances, or even things out of their control or ability. This is what photo shoot production specialist The Producer and California-based casting agency Prime Casting are trying to address by calling for changes in the law in question.

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Romeo Doneza: A Self-Described Funny Guy Shooting Street Photography

All images by Romeo Doneza. Used with permission.

Romeo Doneza began his journey in street photography back in 2012. Like many, he fell into the genre. It soon became the fix he needed in order to be able to function in the world. He was first practising his craft with a group named Filipino Street Photography, based in California. It was during their long photo walks in downtown LA that he, in his words, “became entirely hooked with this genre”.

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André Josselin Documents the Venice Beach Skate Scene with Gorgeous Photos

All images by André Josselin. Used with permission.

Skate parks continue to be one of the most popular spots for photographers who dabble in street and documentary projects. Venice Beach’s skate scene, for example, draws photographers, filmmakers, and skaters themselves for its fascinating and action-packed lifestyle. Today, let’s take a peek at another perspective at its classic scenes as captured through the lens of Barcelona-based photographer André Josselin.

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David Behar Captures Scenic Solitude on Manhattan Beach

All images by David Behar. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we think of beaches and seascapes, we often have images of their natural beauty in mind. Or, we immediately think of a stretch of sand crowded with sun-worshippers taking in the sun and sea. Still, the scenes we find along the shores often vary to include the more dramatic view of lone beach-goers basking in the beauty of it all. This is the focus of Los Angeles-based David Behar in some of his beautiful photos taken along California’s Manhattan Beach.

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Michael Shainblum Unravels the Magic of an Ancient Pine Forest

All images by Michael Shainblum. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Astrophotographers and night photography enthusiasts typically choose shooting locations with jagged peaks, camp sites, and curious-looking rock formations to serve as the foregrounds of their snaps of the starry night sky. But, as San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker Michael Shainblum demonstrates in one of his sets, forests and interesting foliage also lend their own magic touch to astrophotography — especially if it’s an ancient pine forest.

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Troyce Hoffman: Hypnotic Photos of the American West on Kodak Tri-X

All images by Troyce Hoffman. Used with permission.

“While Europe has thousands of years worth of ancient cities and temples, America has its great canyons, mountains, forests, and deserts; these are our great wonders,” says northern California based Photographer Troyce Hoffman. “They are the great equalizer in our country; they belong to both rich and poor serving as a vast communal backyard.” Troyce’s images are mostly shot in the public lands of the American West and he has worked to capture images of the American West using Kodak Tri-x for a while now.

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Dogtown Diary: A Documentary Project on the Famous Town


All images by Franz Steiner. Used with permission.

Photographer Franz Steiner has creativity in his family. After receiving his father’s camera as a gift, Franz immediately got to work as a photographer after graduating college. Residing out in California, Franz wanted to do a documentary project on Dogtown: the famous town that inspired movies like the Lords of Dogtown and even the creation of the X Games. So when Dogtown Diary was all shot, what Franz wanted to do was create a special mood characteristic of the beautiful light that they get out on the West Coast.

The result? An incredible set of images that blend lifestyle and classic cool with a documentary perspective.

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Joey Tichenor Documents the Surfer Lifestyle

Wet like a dog

All images by Joey Tichenor. Used with permission.

“In 2011, I was getting tired of the work I was shooting in Minneapolis both professionally & personally. I wanted & needed to create a fresh body of work to help stand out a bit in my midwest market.” says photographer Joey Tichenor about his photos of surfers. Like every photographer, Joey goes through dry spells of creativity and needs to evolve to become better. For some of us, that means shooting a totally new type of work.

“A lot of the guys that I admired shot environmental portraiture & documentary work which is where I wanted to focus my energy towards rather than the work I’d been doing. I decided that the best place to do this would be out west in California. I also wanted to see if I could build a network of photographers, agency & art buyer contacts out west in hopes of moving there one day.”

Joey tells us the story in his own words after the jump.

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This Yosemite Timelapse Video Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 7.18.24 AM

The idea first came to them as they were sitting on top of Yosemite’s famous peak, the Half Dome, at night while shooting a time-lapse video of the night sky. It was then that photographer Colin Delehanty and tech guru Sheldon Neill decided that they were going to team up to document and share their experiences in California’s most visited national park. So in 2012, Project Yosemite was born.

These two backpacked for over 200 miles in 45 days over a period of 10 months, climbing Yosemite’s famous peaks and hiking through the Sierra Nevada’s wilderness, for the second installation of this project. And it was all worth it, as they captured the park’s glorious and truly majestic (although admittedly, already photogenic) landscape in a way that Ansel Adams himself only dreamed of.

The result is a stunning timelapse video they called Yosemite HD II, which beautifully transitions from scenes of the vast night sky moving over the park’s granite summits to those of California’s golden landscapes, some rarely visited, from its green meadows to its alpine lakes. There’s a reason why Yosemite is one of the most photographed and most visited park in the country, if not the world, and this short film shows us exactly why.

Whether or not you’ve already experience Yosemite’s beauty and grandness yourself, this is something you have to see. Watch it after the jump.

Via LaughingSquid

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Pre-Review: One Week with the Sony NEX 6

Like many other journalists, I spent a week in California with Sony; trying out their gear and getting myself into trouble while doing so. It was fun. On the trip, the company brought out their latest addition to the NEX line of cameras: the NEX 6. Though I was still personally much more smitten with their full frame sensor products, the NEX 6 felt like the perfect fusion between the NEX 7 and the previous 5n.

And man, can it deliver.

Before we go on though, you can check out more coverage from the event:

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OP-ED: From The Other Side of the Lens- A Response To the Anti-Paparazzi Lawsuit from a Former Paparazzo

This morning, I read a post on Petapixel on the photographer arrested under California’s Anti-Paparazzi law. And then the comments came in: ripping apart paparazzi and calling them scum. Now I totally understand where these commentors come from saying this, but I don’t feel that the other side of the story is ever heard in full. For those of you who have followed The Phoblographer for the approximately three years I’ve been running it, you all know my dark secret. However, we’ve gained a significantly large following over time and many of you don’t know who I really am.

I am a former paparazzo here in NYC. For a short period of time out of college, I hunted celebrities and I played the game until I decided it was too cut throat of an industry. Given the chance, I’d do it all over again. But with all of this said, no one ever hears or knows the other side of the story and how the industry works.

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