André Josselin Documents the Venice Beach Skate Scene with Gorgeous Photos

All images by André Josselin. Used with permission.

Skate parks continue to be one of the most popular spots for photographers who dabble in street and documentary projects. Venice Beach’s skate scene, for example, draws photographers, filmmakers, and skaters themselves for its fascinating and action-packed lifestyle. Today, let’s take a peek at another perspective at its classic scenes as captured through the lens of Barcelona-based photographer André Josselin.

The vibrant energy of Venice Beach and its well-known bohemian lifestyle is certainly among the most creatively documented scenes in Los Angeles. A few years ago, we had a beautiful preview of that in an interview with Franz Steiner and his Dogtown Diary series. There’s a lovely variety of stories in that feature, and for today, we’re going to dive deeper into the beach town’s lively skate scene.

There’s nothing quite like bathing your subjects in the rays of the Golden Hour to add an extra dimension – or even drama – into the picture. Regardless of the kind of photography you do, you’re guaranteed to make eye-catching photos. André, of course, was well aware of this and picked the perfect time to whip out his camera and capture skaters and onlookers alike as they gathered in the skate park. He made sure to have a variety of shots: close-ups, action shots, candid snaps, broad sweeps of the park, and finally, sundown to cap yet another beautiful day. All of it drenched in the dreamy sunset hues that scream of summer and youth culture.

I think what makes this set successful is how André put together a mix of documentary style street photography with colors and light play that match (and even enhance) the mood of the skating subculture. It wasn’t just about the skating scene; it was also about bringing out feelings associated with it. All the action shots certainly make the viewers feel the youthful energy surrounding the setting. But the addition of warm, sunset colors make you feel and crave for the balmy summer afternoons California is known for.

Don’t forget to check out André Josselin’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his beautiful photography.