Romeo Doneza: A Self-Described Funny Guy Shooting Street Photography

All images by Romeo Doneza. Used with permission.

Romeo Doneza began his journey in street photography back in 2012. Like many, he fell into the genre. It soon became the fix he needed in order to be able to function in the world. He was first practising his craft with a group named Filipino Street Photography, based in California. It was during their long photo walks in downtown LA that he, in his words, “became entirely hooked with this genre”.

What’s evident about Romeo is that he’s a person who likes to observe. With or without a camera, he is content to just seeing the stories on the streets unfold in front of him. Thankfully, he has a great understanding of what kind of story should be frozen and turned into a picture. When out documenting those moments he tells us that he’s “looking for light, a solid composition and waiting with anticipation”.

“Color shows the world as it truly is and is a more honest reflection of how we see the world.”

When we view his work we see irony, great timing, and good humor. Because of this, it’s no surprise that Romeo describes himself as “one of the funny guys” and explains, “that’s why I love humor in street photography.” Don’t we all? It’s amazing how a photo that produces a smile or some laughter can really cheer you up!

Those who believe the authenticity of street photography should be protected through means of a “No Edit” approach will be pleased to learn that Romeo often delivers us his photographs straight out of camera. When asked why he adopts this particular approach he says, “If I see a good composition and the right exposure, then there’s nothing else that I need to do.” We’re inclined to agree with him as his photos bring a lot of punch even without the enhancement of post-processing.

“I like to go with the flow and I shoot anything that grips my eye.”

As a native of the Philippines, Romeo has a strong connection with the beach. “I grew up near the beach and river. I love beautiful people who play outdoors, swimming and sunbathing.” It’s because of his early experience that his favorite spot to shoot candidly is Huntington Beach in California. He continues, “there I see magical sunsets that keep me coming back.”

The way in which street photography is practiced and marketed has changed dramatically over time, something Romeo says is beneficial to the genre. When asked why, he replied, “Being able to share your photo on the likes of Instagram means you can see the work of others and be inspired. Hopefully, you can inspire others too.”

As Romeo continues his addiction to street photography, with his Fujifilm in hand, he says the focus for him is to really concentrate on producing better color images and letting people see the world in the way he sees it. We’re sure he will continue to have every bit of success on his journey as he is currently having at present. Please enjoy more of his work below and be sure to visit his Instagram.