David Behar Captures Scenic Solitude on Manhattan Beach

All images by David Behar. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we think of beaches and seascapes, we often have images of their natural beauty in mind. Or, we immediately think of a stretch of sand crowded with sun-worshippers taking in the sun and sea. Still, the scenes we find along the shores often vary to include the more dramatic view of lone beach-goers basking in the beauty of it all. This is the focus of Los Angeles-based David Behar in some of his beautiful photos taken along California’s Manhattan Beach.

Beaches are among the most popular locations for photographers regardless of genre, and beach life among the most explored themes. David’s two-part series of snaps in Manhattan Beach are among our recent favorites, especially the ones of lone beach-goers soaking up the sun and the scenic seaside. Instead of the usual and livelier crowded beach scenes, we get to look at the more serene and quiet side of beach life, with people who are deeply immersed in the beautiful scenery before them.

“Alone but not lonely” was the first that came to my mind seeing these photos, but who knows, maybe some of them were lonely, too. For some viewers, it may be hard to pinpoint the mood of these photos. While most of the colors are vibrant and the scenes show a bright and sunny day, the lone subjects are set against the vastness of the sand and sea. Whatever the case, each photo shows an interesting slice of life along Manhattan Beach.

It’s also impressive how David captured a wide variety of activity these lone subjects were engrossed in. Some are more typical beach activities: sunbathing, napping under a beach umbrella, watching surfers, and fishing. But someone treasure hunting with a metal detector? That’s definitely an interesting catch.

Do check out David Behar’s complete Manhattan Beach sets here and here, as well as his website and Behance portfolio to see more of his photography projects.