The PDN 30 for 2018 Seems to Take a Very Documentary Oriented Approach (NSFW)

The PDN 30 for 2018 have been announced!

The PDN 30 are a highly coveted bunch of photographers. Each year they seem to outdo themselves: newer and brighter photographers seem to take center stage each time. This year, the PDN 30 seems to involve lots of photographers who do documentary style work and tell stories. In the past there has been a mixture of commercial, portraiture, and surreal work. But this year, it’s very clear cut.

It’s pretty shocking at times though. Many photographers often ask if it’s worth it for them to apply to these and whether or not they’re scams. PDN has been proven over the years to be worth their weight in gold. Though I’ll be the first to admit the magazine itself isn’t necessarily as relevant, the stories they do are still super interesting and the contests that they hold are worth their weight in gold when it comes to boosting one’s career. In fact, lots of these photographers I’m sure have a very bright photojournalistic career ahead of them.

The 2018 PDN’s 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch are:

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi

The Minova Rape Trial: A victim, veiled to protect her identity, testifies before the military tribunal. Between February 12th and 19th, 2014, most significant rape trial to date in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – a country once dubbed the “rape capital of the world” – took place in Minova, South Kivu. Thirty-seven soldiers of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) were accused rape and pillage committed during in a 10-day run of violence in November 2012, during which more than 1,000 women, men and children in Minova were raped. February 12, 2014. Minova, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Copyright Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi

Sarah Blesener

A portrait of Curtis, Kate and Jude, siblings, laying in their backyard in Watford, North Dakota. 6 July 2017. The Long family has five children whom they homeschool. Western North Dakota attracted families from across the nation during the recent oil boom. Watford, like other rural towns in the region, is now facing unemployment and overdevelopment since the decline of the oil industry.

Ted Cavanaugh

Bon Appetit, May 2017

Matthew Cicanese

Title: Twig Ant with Treasure
Caption: A bright orange twig ant only a few millimeters long, traverses the alien landscape of a wetland twig. She maneuvers between mats of moss, towering fungi, and twisted lichens like this strap lichen (Ramalina sp.). In her mandibles, she carries her tasty treasure – a single springtail (Collembola) back to her colony.

Cody Cobb

Gabriella Demczuk

“ I believe that was in Virginia, that big battle of Bull Run. And I heard old man John Blackwell say he was in it, and Ike Johnson, that was one of the Colonel’s slaves. And this man was carryin the flag, well, he got shot. Ike Johnson saw the flag fallin and he run and grab it sayin, ‘I ain’t gonna let it hit the dirt.’ And he carried it the rest of the war. Didn’t get killed. Now they was brave, and they know’d if they won the war they’d get free; they had somethin to fight for.”-Joseph Sutton, whose parents were slaves of the Lloyds, in his biography “Praise the Bridge That Carries You Over” by Shepard Krech, III
Talbot County Color Guard at the 150th Unionville Memorial celebration, Unionville, Maryland, Intaglio Photo Etching, 2017

Kyle Dorosz

Emile Ducke

The villagers make sure that the laid back fire does not change direction towards the village. It took the inhabitants of Aidara several days in order to bring the wildfire under their control. Even if the fire could be stopped before it reached the village, it did destroy parts of wood stocks for the winter time and fields where they used to collect berries.
Aidara, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia,

Kholood Eid

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Alina Fedorenko

In Cambodia most of the living Vietnamese are stateless residents, have no citizenship papers, as a result they face difficulties in getting access to education, employment, healthcare and housing. Stateless Vietnamese built floating settlements of dwelling zones on waters which don´t require citizenship papers.

Johanna-Maria Fritz

Majed Kallub (26) poses on stilts and with juggling culls in front of the Gaza Circus School building in the city district Betlaahya in Gaza city while a pickup truck full off Hamas fighters passes by. Gaza, Palästina 2017.

Julia Gartland

Jennifer Garza-Cuen

‘Wandering In Place’ project

Matthew Genitempo

Laurel Golio

Brian Guido

R. J. Kern

Kenzi and Hootie, Anoka County Fair, Minnesota, 2016. From the project, “The Unchosen Ones.”

Joyce Kim

Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Álvaro Laiz

Deer-man. “It was still a time when a Udege, looking at a deer, he thought he saw a deer-man (…) When he saw a tiger, he thought he saw a tiger-man. In those times all sort of things happened to people. Such things happened that nowadays do not”. Udege tale

Eva O’Leary

Brad Ogbonna

Paola + Murray

Jordi Pizarro

Hannah Reyes Morales

A young girl walks home in Smokey Mountain, Philippines.

Maggie Shannon

Danna Singer

Daniele Volpe

On the way to the cemetery to bury the 77 victims of the Covadonga massacre. Estrella Polar, Chajul.

Cole Wilson

An Rong Xu

All images used with permission and provided by PDN.

Chris Gampat

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