Is This Extra? PhotoWhoa 5100+ Lightroom Photo Presets Bundle Review

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Lightroom presets are good for more than just faster photo edits. Presets can serve as creative fodder when you’re stuck. They can introduce new effects you never thought to try. Presets can also keep the style consistent across an album or photo story. And so, if Lightroom presets can be used for more than just one thing, it makes sense to have more than one preset. Like, 5100+ Lightroom Photo Presets, right?

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Bored at Home? Here’s 7 Deals Under $40 on Presets and Photo Tutorials

We know that photographers are bored at home and going stir crazy, so entertain yourself!

Photography is something that often needs to be done face to face and out and about in public. But the whole post-production stage of it and specific genres can be done easily at home. For those that hate presets, we’d love you to welcome this thought: if you could theoretically make $2,000 for an hour of work vs. 12 hours of work, why would you not try to make all that money in an hour? Think of all the things that you can do with the other 11 hours! You could binge-watch Tiger King! You could learn something new! You can cook! Or, you can get a workout in or literally anything else. These Presets help with this by giving you a starting place for editing. Then eventually, you tweak them to your own liking and create the style of imagery that people will hire you for. Even if you’re not a professional, a semi-professional photographer making taxable income off of these photos can supplement their revenue easily. And if you’re just a hobbyist, you’re going to have fun experimenting and playing around. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of presets and essential tutorials below.

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Cheap Photo: 9,000 Lightroom Preset Bundle for Under $40

You dump loads of photos into Lightroom and as a result, trying to edit each one is quite time-consuming.

Adobe Lightroom presets are a huge help in getting to that final look fast. Get 9,000 Lightroom Presets for only $39. While 9,000 presets is an insane amount to manage, it’s all organized into categories such as Cinematic, Faded, and Duotone. So here’s a tip; use ACR to test out your favorite presets, then only install those in Adobe Lightroom. If you’re using Lightroom on your mobile device, give it a few minutes and your new presets will sync up giving you some major editing power on the go.

Get the attention your work deserves with these amazing 9000 different Lightroom presets, all for just $39
Limited time offer

Even more deals are after the jump,

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Cheap Photo: 5 Bundle Deals Mirrorless Camera Owners Should See

Your wallet will thank you!

Often, once you invest into a camera system, bundle deals make little sense. But thanks to the enormous success of the Sony mirrorless sytem, and in particular with their A7 III, more and more of DSLR people are coming to see mirrorless as a potential upgrade path; either in the near or intermediate future.

So today we wanted to feature five bundle deals that may be of interest to you all…

  • Sony A7S II Bundle (+ Rokinon 35mm F2.8 FE) – Get It
  • Sony A7 III Bundle (+ Zeiss 24-70mm FE) – Get It
  • Fujifilm X100F Bundle – Get It
  • Fujifilm X-E3 Bundle (+XF 23mm F2) – Get It
  • Olympus OM-D E-M1 II Bundle (+ 12-40mm F2.8 PRO) – Get It
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Cheap Photo: New Fujifilm Savings Close Out July Deals

Fujifilm has announced a new batch of savings available to those of you who are looking to get into the X-Series as well as those of you already in the X-Series looking to expand your current kit loadout. These are some great savings on some of Fujifilm’s most popular last generation cameras and lenses, so this is a deal list you should check out if you have any interest in Fuji products at all.

  • X-T1 ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00HYAL88W’ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5cbc4e50-70b7-11e7-ba3b-332ab2919182′])
  • X-T1 Graphite Silver ([amazon_textlink asin=’B00PTQWDNW’ text=’Get The Deal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’67225a13-70b7-11e7-93c7-cff323e34537′])
  • X-T1 with XF18-55mm (Get The Deal)
  • X-T1 with XF 18-135mm (Get The Deal)
  • X-T1 with XF 35mm f/2 (Get The Deal)
  • X-T1 with XF 18-55mm and 35mm f/2 (Get The Deal)
  • X-T1 with XF 18-135 and 35mm f/2 (Get The Deal)
  • X-E2S Body (Get The Deal)
  • X-E2S with 18-55mm (Get The Deal)
  • X-A3 with XC16-50mm and XC50-230mm (Get The Deal)

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