The Sony A1 Keeps Getting Better

The flagship Sony a1 remains at the top of many photographers’ wishlists. Its initial debut was met with excitement and awe. It was apparent that Sony had returned to its quest for innovation. On paper, the tech specs were a marvel. In real-world tests, the a1 performed as everyone hoped it would. How should it be improved?

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The Truth About How White Balance And Your Camera Actually Work

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t care about white balance in the same way that you care about manual control over the exposure of the image. The way that color is rendered in a photo can completely change the way that it appears and in order to get the absolute best color, you should use manual control over your white balance in the same way that you manually control the ISO, aperture and shutter speeds. While manufacturers sit there and try in vain to get better high ISO results and more dynamic range, they’re not giving us what can possibly provide for even more creative freedom: better color control. The majority of cameras don’t provide incredibly accurate color control or gradation from their sensors. Film arguably does a better job of this in the right situations but digital cameras are capable of getting pretty darned close to real results.

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Useful Photography Tip #174: How to Make a Scene Shot During the Day Look Like Night

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I’m going to let you in on some knowledge that cinematographers have known for years, but that photographers have greatly underutilized for a while–and it has to do with a simple white balance trick. The situation: let’s say you’re shooting a scene during the day or maybe sometime at dusk but you’re trying to make it look like a scene shot at night. Sometimes that’s very tough to do and at other times you simply just don’t have the time to go shooting at night.

This is a longer Useful Photography Tip, so I implore you to hit the jump for more.

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Weekend Humor: Why Auto White Balance’s Feelings Are Hurt

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Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t. We’re serious.

In a recent blog post, Ibarionex Perello wrote about the perils of using auto white balance in that it can deliver inaccurate results. He urged the reader to err on the side of custom white balance and presets in order to get a better understanding of light. Unfortunately, Ibarionex didn’t realize how sensitive auto white balance really is, and what follows is a short, yet emotional, letter that Auto White Balance wrote. Continue reading…