Magnum Photographer Stuart Franklin Shares an Important Message

All images by Stuart Franklin. Used with permission from Mr. Franklin on behalf of Magnum Photos.

“I wish, but I think it’s unlikely,” replies photographer Stuart Franklin to us when asked if he thinks his image will inspire action against Global Warming. “John Piper’s beautiful painting of the destroyed church at St Mary Le Port didn’t stop World War Two.” Mr. Franklin’s stunning photo of a glacier in the Alps is part of the latest Magnum Square Print sale called Works of Imagination. It’s a solid choice for the sale considering its ethereal look. The photo was shot over a decade ago on Fujifilm Astia. Those of us who’ve been around for a while know how magical slide film like Astia was. Anyone purchasing this photo who knows the story behind it will probably be filled with nostalgia. And from there, the imagination will run wild. So we talked with Stuart more about this photo.

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Which Look Is Right for You? Fujifilm Film Simulations Compared

The ever-growing list of film simulations available in Fujifilm cameras is one of their most loved features.

Fujifilm has long been celebrated as the manufacturer of some of the world’s most-used film emulsions. Fujifilm wisely brought this analog legacy with them when they made the transition to digital. Many of these are available in digital form as film simulations across Fujifilm’s X-series and GFX-series cameras. Some say these film simulations are the special sauce that makes Fujifilm cameras so endearing. They each have unique characteristics and were created to emulate the look of the Fujifilm emulsions with which they share their name. Fujifilm X-series and GFX-series cameras give the ability to apply these film simulations to your images in-camera. You can also “re-process” your images in-camera using different film simulations. Better yet, you can even see the effects of each one in real-time through the EVF or the rear LCD while photographing. Our latest original infographic explores the various Fujifilm Film Simulations and how they compare to one another.

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Xpert Advice: Less is More – Using Color Effectively in Portraits

If you look at the work of some of the master portrait photographers, you’ll notice that much of their work tries to keep the use of color very minimal. Why? Portraiture is a type of photography that involves putting an emphasis on a person or thing and when the colors in the scene are very complicated, the scene can be distracting to the viewer. In fact, specific films were developed to create better skin tones and colors for portraiture. Some of the best from Fujifilm were Astia and Fujifilm Pro400H.

So how do you make that happen in-camera?

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Review: RNI Films (iPhone 6S)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer RNI Films apps review product images (3 of 8)ISO 2001-30 sec at f - 1.8

The person that says, “I know exactly what the iPhone needs–another vintage film filter app!” is either particularly ballsy or worthy of all the groans that photographers will mutter. But the company that designs an app that is meant to organically render the look of film has a bit more credibility; and that’s what Really Nice Images is trying to do with their app: RNI Films. The free iOS app is designed for you to import your images and edit them in its own semi-unique editing suite.

Its main selling point: the rendering of lots of actual film emulsions. If you want your iPhone to deliver images with a Kodachrome or Astia rendering, you’ve got it with this app. But the process it takes to accomplish this may be what puts a lot of folks off.

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Review: Totally Rad! Replichrome II (Adobe Lightroom)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Replichrome Totally Rad Slide film II review images (20 of 20)ISO 1001-400 sec at f - 9.0

Kodak E100G

When it comes to creating film emulsions in digital photography, there are loads of options out there. Many embrace a very Instagram-like ideal (VSCO) while others take a scientific approach (DxOMark.) Totally Rad!’s Replichrome II is another scientific option. This is a new batch of film renderings from their first Replichrome preset pack, and includes some of the world’s most loved film’s like EG100 and Velvia.

And when you really think about the way that the company approached the product, it only makes a lot more sense.

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