Tips on Photographing Artwork Beautifully and Accurately

If you need to make an accurate and beautiful reproduction of a painting or other pieces of art, these tips on photographing artwork may come in handy.

Among the myriad of projects you can take on as a photographer, possibly one of the most technical of them is making a photographic copy of an artwork. It can be challenging to reproduce all the colors and elements of a painting, for example, in the most faithful and accurate way possible. If you find yourself tasked with this mission, we may have just the right video tutorial for you.

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This Very Rare “Fake Leica” Will Set You Back Almost $100,000

Anyone interested in getting a very rare and very expensive “Fake Leica”? 

Attention camera collectors and Leica fans, here’s something you probably don’t have in your collection yet. There’s an ebay listing for a “Fake Leica” so rare that it fetches an insane US $99,995. However, you can’t shoot with it as it’s actually a stainless steel sculpture made by Chinese artist Liao Yibai.

If there’s a camera that would literally be an expensive paperweight, this piece would definitely fit the bill. According to the listing by Netherlands based Leica Store Lisse, this item is a smaller version of the giant stainless “Fake Leica” sculpture by Liao Yibai. It weighs 40 kg, measures 44.8 x 76.2 x 48.9 cm, and has the serial number 8/12. It will also come in the wooden crate especially designed for shipping.

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Which One Are You: Canon or Nikon (Epic Star Wars Battle)

Canon or Nikon, which one are you? Let us know in the comments below. By the way, heads up to reader @Daniel_Neeley for the awesome artwork rendering on the left and who is also a kick-ass photographer. You’ve totally made my day with this awesome Star Wars epic battle stemming from the little bit of humor we threw in.

Me? I prefer the light side of the force, though I’ve dabbled in the dark arts. Speaking of which, you should study the dark art of metering and check out some of the latest weapons on the light and dark side of the force.

Choose wisely…