This Very Rare “Fake Leica” Will Set You Back Almost $100,000

Anyone interested in getting a very rare and very expensive “Fake Leica”? 

Attention camera collectors and Leica fans, here’s something you probably don’t have in your collection yet. There’s an ebay listing for a “Fake Leica” so rare that it fetches an insane US $99,995. However, you can’t shoot with it as it’s actually a stainless steel sculpture made by Chinese artist Liao Yibai.

If there’s a camera that would literally be an expensive paperweight, this piece would definitely fit the bill. According to the listing by Netherlands based Leica Store Lisse, this item is a smaller version of the giant stainless “Fake Leica” sculpture by Liao Yibai. It weighs 40 kg, measures 44.8 x 76.2 x 48.9 cm, and has the serial number 8/12. It will also come in the wooden crate especially designed for shipping.

Why does it come with such a hefty price tag? It seems difficult to justify. But, to be fair, the large-scale representation of the iconic German camera was made with intricate and striking details. It was noted for being crafted in perfect accuracy, from the lens, shutter, knobs, and textured leather skin, down to the trademark Leica logo. As with the giant sculpture, it’s also based on the M6 and M7, with design elements of the M9 at the back, and a Summicron 50mm 1.2 in 1953 – 1960 style. This mash-up is reportedly where it got the name “Fake Leica.” So, expect the same precision craftsmanship on this smaller version.

The listing also mentions a similar “Fake Leica” being sold at the Westlicht Photographica Auction in Vienna for a staggering 96,000 Euro. Who knows where the other 10 copies are, but Leica Store Lisse seems confident that once this one gets sold off, you’ll never get the chance to see it up on ebay again.

Really, you have to be a Leica fan to the bone to get this. But if you’re up for it, here’s the ebay listing to find out more and get a unique piece of art for yourself.