PielFort Makes Hipsters Happy by Creating Analog-Camera-Styled Leather Photo Albums

PielFort Classic Analog Camera Leather Albums

PielFort, an artisanal company from southern Spain, has been a name in the photo-album industry for some fourty years, supplying royal families and celebrities around the world with exclusive photo albums hand-crafted from only the finest leather. In a recent collaboration with the online commnity, PielFort has created three 16×16 cm photo albums that should get hipsters, Lomographers as well as the general analog buff excited.

Coming in white, brown and black and featuring classics such as the Instamatic or a TLR, each album comes in at a moderate 39,95 €. The albums are labeled “The Cool”, “The Vintage” and “The Revival” and are available via PielFort’s website, The Leather Album. If you’re not so much in the mood for one of their retro-analog-albums, they also have a vast selection of wedding albums, children’s photo albums, Svarovski albums etc. pp.–you name it. And let’s be honest–what better place to store and present your analog pictures in than a beautiful, unique, hand-crafted leather album?

Useful Photography Tip #3: Finding Inspiration For a Music Shoot

Inspiration has many sources. Sometimes it comes easily, leading or even creating the photo shoot. Other times it’s like pulling teeth. Fortunately when doing a music shoot someone’s already done some of the work for you – the musician. Whenever I get a call to do an album cover the first thought is to ask what the band name and album title are and to send me the music.

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