Nikon Updates the Firmware of the FT-1 F-to-1-Mount Adapter


It seems that there was no official announcement of this firmware update for Nikon’s F-to-1-mount adapter, so we need to thank Sans Mirror for making us aware of it. With the new firmware 1.10, the adapter that allows you to use F-mount lenses on your Nikon 1 camera now supports continuous AF for Nikon AF-S lenses–but for AF-S lenses only it appears, and not for third-party lenses.

Details and a download link can be found on Nikon’s website. The FT-1 adapter is available from B&H Photo.

Field Test: The Nikon D7000 (Day 4)

The Nikon D7000 is a sturdy camera of modest size (for a DSLR). With easy creative controls, a wide dynamic range, great autofocus, and a wide selection of available lenses, it’ll make a great vacation camera. To the classic Nikon “prosumer” niche (think D70, D80, D90…) the D7000 adds fun, easy, and respectable video recording, with autofocus and optional manual control. It’s a great camera for a day in the city, which is exactly how we’ve tested it on Day 4!

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