Review: Adobe Lightroom 5 (Mac version)

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Adobe has today announced Lightroom 5–the latest version of their software that has become the bread and butter of many photographers. We’ve been testing both the Beta software and the full release for a while now and putting it through its paces in both the normal workflow for our standard testing for this site and professional work. The new Lightroom 5 incorporates some interesting changes such as an advanced healing brush to help users accomplish minor retouching for portraits or object removal, a radial gradient filter that helps to emphasize some areas of an image more than others, and the upright tool to help landscape and wide angle photographers. There are more changes, but for the sake of what this site’s audience might mostly do, we didn’t really spend too much in-depth time with them.

So is Lightroom 5 worth the upgrade for you?

Editor’s Note: Adobe Lightroom 5 can be (pre)ordered now

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Adobe Officially Announces Lightroom 5

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Adobe announced Lightroom 5’s beta a while back, and today they’re officially announcing the final product. The latest version of the software includes new changes such as a new advanced healing brush (finally), radial gradient for a strange creative effect, the upright tool to help get your photos perfectly straight, and much more such as smart previews.

The full version will retail at $149 while the upgrade will cost you $79. Members of the creative cloud will get Lightroom for free. It’s available now for purchase and download. More specs and details are after the jump.

Editor’s Note: Adobe Lightroom 5 can be (pre)ordered now

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