Ruslan Khasanov Found a Way To Make Art out of Declining Technology

“My creative work helps me to express my inner feelings,” says Yekaterinburg-based Russian graphic designer and visual artist Ruslan Khasanov. Creative experimentation comes naturally to this Cannes Lions Gold winner (2018). He spotted a rainbow pattern in a discarded CD one day, and that inspired him to create his ‘Burn’ series of images, a part of his larger Disctortion project

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Delphine Queme’s Calming Photographs will Settle the Overcrowded Mind

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“What seems lifeless, for me, on the contrary, is very alive,” says Delphine Queme. She adds, “ I love minimalism…I am searching for harmony in my photographs, something I don’t find in life, and in a world which is often too violent for me.” Minimalist photography is about scaling back. Removing the clusters of life and offering a visual that’s free of the meaningless and that focuses on the specific. With Queme’s minimalist photography, she offers something peaceful. Void of the dramatics, her work settles us as we move from one image to the next. She’s a thoughtful soul. And she’s often trying to create character in a world that can lack identity, or how she puts it, “I need to create beauty otherwise life is too dull.”

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KENSHO Is a Beautiful, Abstract Series by Photographer Nicole Struppert

All images by Nicole Struppert. Used with permission. Be sure to see more about this series on her website.

“It’s two years now when I got diagnosed that I have a little brain tumor,” says photographer Nicole Struppert, who specified that it’s small but energy draining. “To get back in balance, I stayed a few weeks at the lake Chiemsee. Waking up every morning with beautiful sunrises and seeing nature in different seasons like sun, rain, the fog started to inspire me a lot.” That’s how she got started with the KENSHO project. The area revitalized her creativity in a way. She did abstract work and made the images look more and more like a painting.

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Gabor Nagy Reveals the Otherworldly Abstract Rivers of Iceland

All photos by Gabor Nagy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Not so long ago, we placed the spotlight on the stunning aerial photos of Iceland’s Stampar volcanic crater row which were snapped by Gabor Nagy in the Reykjanes Peninsula. It was yet another reason why Iceland is one of the most otherworldly places on Earth. However, the Budapest-based photographer and Sony Ambassador wasn’t done yet. In another installment from his Iceland From Above series, he takes us deeper into the island nation’s magical landscapes for a fascinating view of its frozen rivers.

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Gustav Willeit Crafts Mood Through Painterly Landscape Photography

All photos by Gustav Willeit. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Ever felt like trying something new with your landscape photography? How about creating something more moody and mysterious out of it? Why not experiment with creative techniques to achieve a unique look? These are just a few ideas that you may be inspired to try after checking out the impressive landscape series by Corvara, Italy-based Gustav Willeit. Challenging the usual expectations we have with landscape photography, the series instead appeals to our notions about memory and the passing of time.

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Dive Deep Into the Underwater Cosmos of Laura Emerson

All photos by Laura Emerson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Man has long been captivated by the quest to explore the unfathomable expanse of the universe. Yet, there are still depths right on our own planet that we haven’t reached. To some degree, we don’t have to look far for worlds that are strange, otherworldly, and unfamiliar. In her clever and stunning underwater series, London-based Laura Emerson shows that the wonders of the cosmos lay not only in some distant corner of deep space, but also right here on our home world.

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Zac Henderson Makes a Clever Visual Representation of Dark Matter

All photos by Zac Henderson. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

Making a graphic or visual representation of something invisible requires a dash of imagination and a generous helping of cleverness and creativity. Sure, you can make models or craft verbal analogies, but it seems impossible to do it through photography. However, Boulder, Colorado photographer and videographer Zac Henderson found an interesting way to do it: by substituting it with something that we can easily identify and understand. He demonstrates this with his thought-provoking series that attempts to explain dark matter.

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Philipp Apler Reveals the Abstract Charm of Dunes in Monochrome

All photos by Philipp Apler. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nature never runs out of stuff to amaze us, so we tend to turn to its wonders to fuel our creativity. Dunes and their surrounding landscapes, for example, often provide photographers with inspiration for abstract and conceptual approaches to landscape photography. We’ve featured a good number of works that show this, but if you’re looking for more examples to draw some ideas from, we’re glad to add one more to the list. This time, we put the spotlight on Berlin-based graphic designer Philipp Apler who draws our attention to the abstract beauty of dunes in dramatic black and white.

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Heavenly Creatures Turns the Mundane Into Abstract Works of Art

All images by Sally Gall. Used with permission. 

“We need to pay more attention to it, artistically, spiritually, ecologically, environmentally, and simply for our mental health.” These are thoughts of photographer Sally Gall, as we discuss the human relationship with the natural environment. Her work spans over 30 years, focusing on the gifts the earth bestows upon us. Looking at her photographs, for a split second, they can be mistaken for paintings because, and this is no overstatement, they are a work of art. We were thrilled to learn Sally is releasing a new book. Heavenly Creatures is an exploration of how a natural element – wind – impacts the prosaic objects of the nurtured world. In the book, Sally takea something as uneventful as laundry and turns it into colorful, impactful images. We connected with Sally to discuss her artistic approach and learn more about her latest release.

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Kevin Krautgartner Plays with Light and Shadow in Aerial Photos of Dunes

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following a lot of outstanding aerial photography lately for the abstract imagery they offer to intrepid photographers. It’s exciting to see them uncover nature’s breath-taking art that stays hidden from most of us. It’s also interesting how each shot is a testament to the impact of perspective on perception. Case in point is the expanse of sand dunes that German photographer Kevin Krautgartner captured to present a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows.

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Julieanne Kost Gives Us a Stunning Bird’s Eye View of Iceland

All photos by Julieanne Kost. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Our recent fascination for breathtaking aerial photography continues today. This time, we turn to the work of California-based Julieanne Kost, who recently shared the abstract beauty of Iceland’s landscapes as seen from above. Whether you’ve been looking for inspiration or great examples of aerial photography, or like seeing well-known travel destinations in a new perspective, we’re sure this series is worth checking out.

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CineStill Debuts CineStill Frames Documentary Series with Ben Parks

In the mood for some cinematic inspiration for your next photography project? CineStill got you covered with the introduction of its documentary video series.

The cinematic aesthetic is one of today’s most popular trends in photography, odd as it sounds. CineStill is among the proponents of this look, at least in the film photography world. So it’s only fitting that the folks behind this popular emulsion came up with a documentary video series in aptly titled CineStill Frames, done in collaboration with Studio Skylight.

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Tom Hegen Explores Global Warming Effects Through the Arctic’s Abstract Beauty

All images by Tom Hegen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The Arctic region is one of the most extreme places on Earth, but also among the most vulnerable. We’ve long been hearing about why it’s imperative to keep the polar region protected: to avoid the catastrophic consequences and to. Munich-based Tom Hegen shows us what we could possibly lose to climate change in a beautiful, abstract-styled landscape photography series titled The Two Degree Celsius Series.

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Luka Klikovac Plays with Ink and Water to Reveal Surreal Worlds and Creatures in Abstract Work ‘Demersal’

All images by Luka Klikovac. Used with Creative Commons permission.

What can you do with ink and water? Not much, you may think, but in the hands of someone with a creative mind, whimsical abstract images can actually be borne out of them. Case in point: “Demersal,” a series by Belgrade, Serbia-based photographer Luka Klikovac.

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Enter the Deepest, Darkest Parts of the Mind with Al Mefer’s ‘Phantoms of the Brain’

All images by Al Mefer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It goes without saying that the brain is a powerful thing. Not only does it act as a big computer that controls our body, it sets us humans apart from other creatures as it lets us think and experience many different emotions. The brain lets us process our senses and feelings so we can come up with some of our most creative, possibly even game-changing, ideas that could go as far as help the world in one way or another.

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Stijn Hoekstra Explores the Abstract Beauty of Valencia

All images by Stijn Hoekstra. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The first few times we had a peek at Stijn Hoekstra’s work, the spotlight was on the cinematic quality of his documentary and street photos of Cuba and Amsterdam. His latest series, however, show that the Amsterdam-based photographer and cinematographer also has a keen eye for detail. If you often find inspiration in the eye-catching details of your town, you’ll surely enjoy getting lost around Stijn’s abstract rendition of Valencia.

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Slava Semeniuta Captures Puddles of Color in “Wet Neon”

All images by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you think you love colors, you probably don’t like them as intense as Russian artist and photographer Slava Semeniuta wants them. This fascination for neon hues manifest in every creative project that he does. A fine example would be this brightly colorful street set aptly titled Wet Neon.

The idea may not exactly be a novel one, as photos of colorful puddle reflections are pretty common. However, while they are merely minor elements in  other photos, these colorful reflections take center stage in Wet Neon. They draw the eyes as they come in different shapes, blends, and combinations. The textures are a nice touch and added dimension. We know nothing about the surroundings that light up the wet pavements. This anonymity of some sort is not meant to be taken as a bid to be mysterious. The goal is to keep the viewer focused on the colors.

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Matthew Hall Finds Beautiful Abstracts in Everyday Objects

Images and words by Matthew Hall. Used with permission.

When I was young my grandfather subscribed me to National Geographic. I remember the vivid images and stories of foreign places and thinking how lucky these people were to be working in such a field. I also thought how easy it would be to have a job as one of those photographers, traveling the world with nothing more necessary than the ability to push a button. It was years later that I began looking at the artistic side of photography, beginning with Edward Weston. Staring at his photos of peppers my initial thought was ‘so what, it’s a pepper’. Then, I began to see the sculptural quality of the image, and the transformative power of photography was opened up to me.

I continued to explore the works of numerous photographers — Josef Sudek, Henri Cartier Bresson, Ralph Gibson, Ernst Haas, Aaron Siskind, and too many others to list, but always I was most drawn to those who emphasized the transformation of the world into something else.

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Shane Griffin Creates Colorful Abstract Photos with Defective Glass

All images by Shane Griffin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Photographers have many ways to play and experiment with light, but this featured body of work most likely doesn’t involve the usual methods you have in mind. To create his psychedelic Chromatic sets, New York-based Shane Griffin did a simple experiment with light and glass. The results are really interesting and give a new dimension to playing with light.

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Explore Julien Palast’s Abstract Stellar Landscapes Made of Ice

All images by Julien Palast. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Abstract photography is one of those styles that doesn’t adhere to a strict definition, and can be hard to pin down in terms of tasteful execution. Still, it’s pretty popular among photographers looking for different ways of seeing things. Paris-based commercial photographer Julien Palast is definitely one of them with his intriguing series called Stellar. On his Behance page, Julien simply says they’re stellar landscapes made out of ice, but to the untrained eye it’s not that easy to recognize. With all the jagged textures, mishmash of colors, and the uneven cracks here and there, it’s really a challenge to figure out how Julien achieved his intrguing abstraction. Did he use crunched up clear plastic? Is that a hint of something metallic there? What is he alluding to by calling this set “stellar”?

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Thomas Vanoost Channels Chaos And Instability Into Multiple Exposure Photography

All images by Thomas Vanoost. Used with permission. 

Multiple exposure is a photography technique of combining two or more exposures into one, which have been popularly implemented in fine arts photography as well as highly advanced commercial photography. Thomas Vanoost has utilized the multiple exposure approach in his personal photography project of expressing the sense of chaos and instability in the world.

Thomas Vanoost (from Belgium) was a passionate photography enthusiast driven to create something different and unique. He found multiple exposure to be the best approach in representing the reality of the world as he perceived to be fundamentally unstable and radically chaotic. In his philosophical ideology behind the photography project, Thomas further questioned the reality we live in, which he claimed to be nothing but an illusion to mask uncertainties and deceptions in life. Therefore, he intended to express the existential anxiety associated with the chaotic and unstable nature of the world around him in his photography. Basically, the recurring theme in his images in this photo series “Visions of Daily Chaos” is the fear of the unknown.

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