CineStill Debuts CineStill Frames Documentary Series with Ben Parks

In the mood for some cinematic inspiration for your next photography project? CineStill got you covered with the introduction of its documentary video series.

The cinematic aesthetic is one of today’s most popular trends in photography, odd as it sounds. CineStill is among the proponents of this look, at least in the film photography world. So it’s only fitting that the folks behind this popular emulsion came up with a documentary video series in aptly titled CineStill Frames, done in collaboration with Studio Skylight.

“This series is meant, in part, to open up photographers to new ideas and perspectives and hopefully get them to look at their own work a little differently,” said director Brendan Leahy of Studio Skylight.

For the CineStill Frames premiere titled Scattered Light, CineStill and Studio Skylight brings us a snapshot of Los Angeles-based abstract landscape photographer Ben Parks. Watch it below:

Scattered Light explores how Parks’ painting background influenced and enabled the unique, painterly photography style that he does today — with the help of CineStill films, of course. Among these influences is abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock, whose technique inspired Parks to go beyond the usual when it comes to his own work.

“I think it was the fluidity of his movements — he was never one to accept the norm. and always felt that pushing the limits, to me, expressed his true inner feelings with his surroundings,” he mused.

The documentary also got him talking about his thoughts on his favorite cameras, their quirkiness, and how they also helped him develop his own style. It also gives us a peek on his creative process — like his favorite times of the day to shoot, and his choice to break away from capturing the world through the lens of realism and photographic precision.

“A lot of photographers set out to catch the most accurate portrayal of the moment that they’re in through lens, through camera, light settings. To me, it has the tendency to limit us on how we perceive things around us. I’m bored by reality per se; I’m just not as concerned about capturing something that anybody themselves can see on a daily basis.”

CineStill Frames documentaries will be released throughout 2019, so if you’d like to see more, make sure to keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to the CineStill YouTube channel.


Photos from CineStill