Valentina Corral Plays with Paper for a 2018 Color Campaign

All photos by Valentina Corral. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Commercial photographers may seem to be missing out on fun projects to some, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. In one of her projects, Chilean art director and photographer Valentina Corral proves to us that with some imagination and playful execution, the right concept will shine for any body of work.

Case in point is a color campaign project that she did along with fellow art director Caco Huerta under her creative studio Estudio Cielo in 2018, for real estate company Proyección. While color was central to the entire project, the execution itself was also outstanding. The setup was clean, clever, and creative, featuring a mix of elements like paper, furniture, and wardrobe to put the spotlight on colors.

Their color palette of choice is certainly eye-catching, but the most stand-out aspect of this project is certainly the creative use of paper craft. It’s an out-of-the-box styling approach that definitely works for this campaign. Paper juice pouring out, paper cake slices, paper lemons, paper lamps, paper leaves, and paper vinyl records —  they all complement the vibrant hues in a clever and playful way.

A quick peek at Corral’s work shows us that she’s fond of shooting campaigns and editorials in this fun and colorful vibe, some also using paper craft elements. Other fine examples that we love include her work for Dijon, Saxoline, Capel, and Dafiti Mag.

Thinking of doing something like this for your next commercial shoot? The behind the scenes photos will give you an idea on the level of creativity and hard work a project of such caliber requires. With a dedicated team of set designers, creative directors, stylists, models, and photographers, it’s possible to bring such a bright idea to life.

Do check out Valentina Corral’s Behance portfolio and the Estudio Cielo Behance portfolio to see more of her work.