The Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera Lens Only Costs $699

The Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera is offering a lot of quality at a pretty affordable price point.

Though the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera lens is quite an interesting focal length choice, it should prove to be more than enough to astrophotographers, landscape photographers, architectural shooters, photowalking and general landscape photography. This is a lens designed for full frame DSLRs and is targeted at DSLR shooters that want the highest quality possible. At only $699, you’re also getting quite a bargain if we’re considering how good Tokina’s latest lineup of lenses have been in the past few years. Given the trend, we’ve got high hopes for the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera.

The Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera has a silent drive motor that works in tandem with what Tokina is stating are new GMR magnetic autofocus sensors. To go to manual focus, the photographer just has to use the focus ring clutch. The company is also promising improvements in distortion control in addition to chromatic and spherical aberrations over the current ATX version. To do this, the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera has 15 elements in 13 groups with three aspherical elements, three low-dispersion glass elements, and a large front element.

With 11 inches of close focusing coupled with 9 aperture blades, photographers will also be able to focus on objects at a pretty close range. That makes this lens really nice for photowalking.

Still though, the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera are sort of an odd focal length choice. There are 16-35mm lenses are add even more versatility but at a much higher price point. Canon announced a new 15-35mm f2.8 IS II lens. But perhaps it isn’t all that odd–28mm is pretty close to how the human eye sees and photographers could use it at that focal length when they want to capture something close to what their eyes see.

Pre-orders for the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 Opera begin on February 22nd.

Tokina Opera 16-28mm f2.8 Product Specs

Focal Distance 16-28mm
Minimum Aperture f/2.8
Maximum Aperture f/22
Sensor Coverage Full-Frame DSLR
Lens Coatings Multi-Coated
Lens Configuration 15 elements in 13 groups
Angle of View 107.1° ~ 76.87°
Minimum Focus Distance 0.28m / 11 inches
Macro Ratio 1:5.26
Focus Method Front Inner Focus
Diaphragm Blades 9
Filter Size No Filter Threads
Overall Length Nikon – 133.5mm
Canon – 136.0mm
Measured from flange mount side
Maximum Diameter 89mm
Weight Nikon: 940g / Canon: 950g
Hood Fixed
Warranty period Exclusive 3-year USA warranty

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