Julieanne Kost Gives Us a Stunning Bird’s Eye View of Iceland

All photos by Julieanne Kost. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Our recent fascination for breathtaking aerial photography continues today. This time, we turn to the work of California-based Julieanne Kost, who recently shared the abstract beauty of Iceland’s landscapes as seen from above. Whether you’ve been looking for inspiration or great examples of aerial photography, or like seeing well-known travel destinations in a new perspective, we’re sure this series is worth checking out.

According to Kost, she shot her Above Iceland series during her last trip to Iceland. She was able to hire a small aircraft to fly above the stunning landscapes and natural wonders that the Nordic island nation is known for. While afraid to fly, she also realized that the thought of not getting the shots outweighed her fears.

“Some of you may know that I’m afraid to fly, but for whatever reason, putting the camera between me and the ground below, enables me to become an observer, an not a participant, and somehow that works for me. I’m still scared when I fly, but there comes a time when the frustration of not making an image outweighs the fear of trying to make it. At that point, I realize that I have push through my anxiety and seize the opportunity.”

This mindset proved to be rewarding for Kost, as we can see in her photos. Anyone who had the chance to fly above these landscapes but did not shoot to get photos these stunning would certainly be frustrated. The combination of hues both vibrant and monochromatic, and rich abstract details are simply otherworldly. Iceland has already been hailed as a haven for photographers for its surreal landscapes, and this series further reinforces that.

Apart from presenting an alternate view of the island’s famous landscapes, Above Iceland also encourages us to explore the different ways to look at a place. Who knows what work of art nature has in store for us, just waiting to be uncovered?

Do check out Julieanne Kost’s website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of her work.