Opinion: What We Want to See in the Sony a6500 Successor

Sony cameras are pretty great, and apparently the a6500 replacement will blow your socks off.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Sony’s cameras have turned the camera world upside down. From Full Frame to APS-C, Sony cameras have been star performers. The APS-C based A6500 really turned heads when it was released thanks to it’s svelte body, in-camera image stabilization, 4K video, and its incredibly fast autofocus system, but apparently there’s more to come. In a recent interview Sony said that the replacement for the a6500 will ‘exceed all expectations’. Join us after the break to find out more, and to find out what we would like to see in its replacement. Continue reading…

Opinion: What We Want to See in the Reported Sony A6700

Reports of a successor insiders are calling the Sony a6700 have us excited; the a6500, Sony’s APS-C flagship, came out almost two years ago.

When Sony announced that they would begin shipping the A6500 just 8 months after introducing the a6300, many felt the updates in the successor were incremental at best, while others felt that many of the features should’ve been included in the a6300 to begin with. While details on the reported Sony a6700 are slim at the moment, lots of information has begun surfacing around Sony’s upcoming flagship crop sensor camera. With a much longer development cycle this time around, we believe the Sony a6700 will feature a lot of significant improvements across the board.

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Don’t Buy the Hype, That 31MP Sony Sensor May Be Real, but It’s Not for an A Series Camera

You may have seen news about a new 31MP global shutter sensor from Sony, but don’t get your hopes up

In the world of digital photography one technology has eluded camera makers for years, yet still gets brought up over and over again by photographers as a fix to many issues we have with how current cameras capture a scene. That technology is the Global Shutter. The idea is that a camera sensor could capture a scene at once, and not in a top to bottom scan in conjunction with a shutter mechanism of some kind like most current cameras do. Well, a new report over on Sony Alpha Rumors indicates Sony may have a new 31MP APS-C sensor featuring a Global Shutter. But we don’t think you should pay much attention. Continue reading…