Cheap Photo: Sony A6000 $348, A7R2 $1,398, A7 III $1,798, A7R3 $2,498

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It’s hard to go wrong with any of these Sony camera deals!

Sony is bringing its A-game when it comes to holiday sales. If you’ve been eyeing a Sony Mirrorless camera, NOW is the time to buy. The A6000 can be yours for just $398 for the body, $448 with one lens, and $598 with two lenses. The 42.4 Megapixel A7R II is a massive bargain at just $1,398 ($1,498 w/lens), and the A7 III has dropped to only $1,798! To top it off, you can pick up the A7R III for just $2,498. Check out all of these incredible Sony camera deals after the break.

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3 Mirrorless Cameras Under $600 That are Ahead of Smartphones

If you have been wanting to start your photographic journey with Mirrorless cameras, these three affordable options should be on your shopping list.

Have you been using your cell phone as your main camera? Are you thinking about buying yourself, or perhaps someone else their first real camera? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to really break out into the world of photography. Technology has improved at such a rapid pace that now, even entry level cameras are more than good enough to capture stunning images. Entry level Mirrorless cameras offer so many features, and are so much more capable than any cellphone. After the break we’ll look at three of the best entry level Mirrorless cameras that are feature rich, can capture stunning images, and cost under $600. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Sony A7 II + 28-70mm Lens for $999, a Sony A7R II for $1598 + Score Big Savings on Other Sony Camera Deals

Sony is putting out some of the best camera deals of the holiday season!

If you have been waiting to see what camera deals this Black Friday and holiday season brings, and you have been hoping that some of Sony’s excellent camera will be on sale, you’re in for a treat. Right now you can grab the Sony A7 II with the 28-70mm lens for just $999! You can also scoop up the A7r II (body only) for $1598, while the pocket sized powerhouse a6000 with two lenses can be yours for just $599! Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Snag the Sony A6000 + 16-50mm and 55-210mm Lens Bundle for just $598, Plus More Crazy Camera Deals!!

camera deals

These are some of the best camera deals we have seen during this pre-holiday sales season!

If you’re in the market for a new camera, or have been wanting to buy one for the photographer in your life, you won’t want to miss out on these camera deals. This edition of Cheap Photo is bursting at the seams with excellent camera deals (including the Sony A6000 plus two lens combo, and the A7 II plus lens kit), Lightroom and Photoshop actions, presets and overlay deals, tutorials, and much more.

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Speed Demons: 4 Mirrorless Cameras With Fast Autofocus

For a really long time in digital photography’s history, you needed to drop major cash on a Canon or Nikon DSLR for the best autofocus. Simply put, smaller and more affordable cameras just couldn’t keep up. Then more and more mid-range cameras started getting decent AF, which was great from an affordability standpoint, but still left a lot to be desired for those who wanted to have fast AF and not have to carry around a brick.

Well, times have continued to advance and now even small low profile cameras are starting to have some really impressive and accurate AF performance, to the point that one can actually use one of these camera and not feel like the AF is holding them back at all.

So today we are taking a look at the various low-profile options out there with fast AF. Enjoy! Continue reading…

5 Older But Excellent Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying

In the film days you could buy one camera and use it for years upon years, in order to change your look you used different films. These days that dynamic has changed, and now photographers are pressured into buying the latest and greatest cameras after just a couple of years. But taking into account where digital photography is these days, there are still some great cameras out there to be had, many times for a significant discount over their cutting edge brethren.

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Upgrading from the Canon Rebel: A Guide on Choosing Your Next Camera

One of the most popular dedicated cameras out there today has to be the Canon Rebel in all its iterations. They’re honestly fantastic cameras that are quite capable of producing professional level results. At a certain point in a photographer’s progression though, you’ll often find they’re a bit lacking and that you may want more. But at the same time, a photographer also has to make the decision on whether they want to stick with the same system or move to another.

To help you out, we’ve gone through our reviews index to figure out what’s best for you.

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Which Sony E Mount Camera Is The One For You? The Easy Answers

Sony’s mirrorless cameras are at the forefront of an ever evolving photographic industry, and in a market where product cycles usually range from three to five years, Sony has blown up that trend and regularly updated their A7 series cameras much more often than the norm. This has led to there quickly being six relatively new A7 full frame cameras, in addition to the APS-C based A6000 and A6300. This makes shopping for a Sony mirrorless a little confusing; and you’re bound to be asking yourself stuff and wondering if you need the latest model, do you need the higher ISO, or resolution or faster auto focus, etc. In today’s post we break it down and share our picks for which Sony mirrorless camera is right for you.

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Reports of Sony’s New APS-C E Mount Camera Boast 4K 30fps Stills

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A6000 product images (5 of 9)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.2

The Sony A6000 is a great camera, but apparently there is something coming that won’t succeed the camera but instead live above it as the company’s flagship APS-C E mount camera. Mirrorless Rumors states even more beyond what they were telling us, and this time around these reports claim that the camera will have a 2.8 million dot EVF and many more video-centric features. Besides mic input support, the camera is said to have a 30 fps 4K photo mode similar to what Panasonic offers with their latest cameras. Plus, even more video-centric features will be added according to what the reports state.

This camera have even have features that the RX10 Mk II boasts like more slow motion video features and it may even be the first Sony camera with a timelapse mode built in vs needing to download it as an extra app.

Seeing as the A6000 had some sort of weather resistance, we’re interested to see how that translates over to a camera like this and how Sony will market it to work in conjunction with their A7 series. We also wonder how Sony will improve the high ISO output since the bump in extra megapixels made the A6000 noisier than its predecessor, the NEX 6–which housed a 16MP sensor.

The Best Mirrorless Cameras for Photojournalists

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony a7 Mk II product photos (1 of 8)ISO 1001-50 sec at f - 5.0

While Canon and Nikon keep on trucking with their powerhouse cameras, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Samsung and Olympus have viable and noticeably smaller alternatives. In photojournalism, particularly in breaking news situations, you have to be able to react to split-second changes, and the size and amount of gear you have can help or hinder you. As mirrorless cameras have become more robust, there’s been a gradual shift away from bigger rigs in photojournalism. If a smaller camera can do the job just as well, if not better than a bigger one, why not go for the smaller one? There’s less strain on your neck! With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the best mirrorless cameras for photojournalists.

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Reports State New Sony APS-C Flagship Mirrorless Camera Coming Later This Month

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A6000 product images (3 of 9)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 11

As if the Sony A6000 last year didn’t pack enough performance into a camera, Mirrorless Rumors is reporting that the company may be announcing an even higher end camera this month. It’s unclear whether this camera will be a successor or another offering one step above the current A6000. This camera, if it is real, is said to have a 24.3MP APS-C sensor and have 15fps shooting capabilities. It will also sport a 2.8 million dot EVF, a mic input and 4K video shooting capabilities.

This is going to be one heck of a camera to beat as even the A6000 outdoes most of the competition. But if it indeed comes out, it will only make sense for Sony to include image stabilization on the sensor and hopefully they’ll incorporate some of the extra apps that are available for many Sony cameras.

What manufacturers like Canon and Nikon have been doing with their flagships is targeting them very much at bird photographers. On the other hand, Fujifilm targets the X-T1 at everyone they can. However, Fujifilm doesn’t have any full frame 35mm sensor offerings.

Even further, if Sony releases this camera this year, we can only wonder what they’ll come out with around Photo Plus this year.

Panasonic GH4 Autofocus Speed Found To Be Close to the Nikon D4s

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Panasonic GH4 announcement photos (1 of 5)

As mirrorless cameras have improved over the years, so to has their autofocusing. Many companies claim that they have the world’s fastest autofocusing capabilities. For years, we’ve stated that Olympus is king in terms of speed but the new Sony A6000 has also really impressed us lately. But the Camera Store decided to put four of the top mirrorless cameras to the test on a dirt bike range. Plus, they also brought along the Nikon D4s.

The cameras put to the test were the Sony A6000, Olympus OMD EM1, Panasonic GH4 and the Fujifilm XT-1 as well as the Nikon D4s. They were all tested with comparable focal lengths at f4. In the end, they conclude that the D4s is still king but that the GH4 is close.

There are problems with the test though:

– At f4, more is in focusing with a Micro Four Thirds sensor than with an APS-C or full frame sensor. They were testing the lenses out at f4

– Panasonic lenses don’t focus as snappily on Olympus cameras and vice versa. This could help account for the findings with the OMD EM1.

– The Sony A6000 was tested with an Alpha adapted lens; not a native E-mount

– The D4s is significantly more expensive.

Despite these flaws in the non-scientific test, it’s still very much worth watching for the insight. Check it out below after the jump. Be also sure to check out our reviews of the Sony A6000, Fujifilm XT1 and the Olympus OMD EM1.

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Review: Sony A6000

camera deals

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A6000 product images (2 of 9)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 3.2

When Sony first announced the A6000 camera, we were quite impressed at the autofocusing system that they boasted about. With 179 phase detection autofocus points, they sure do have a lot to live up to. Not only this, but the camera succeeds their excellent NEX 6. To add even more to that fact, the last time Sony put out a 24MP APS-C sensor in a camera, the world wasn’t too thrilled.

But it has been a couple of years now and Sony has had time to rethink their sensors and have made some dramatic improvements overall.

The new A6000 houses 24.3 MP APS-C Sensor beast of a sensor with a shutter that is capable of firing 11 fps. You’ll need that if you want to track subjects moving through its 179 phase detection points. To make it even easier to do, the company put a 1.4K dot EVF on the camera.

But is it enough to tempt you?

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DxOMark: The Sony A6000 Outperforms Almost Everyone Else

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.14.04 AM

Today, DxOMark released new findings and a report on the Sony A6000 announced a little while back. According to their findings, it seems to be outdoing pretty much every other new camera on the market with the exception of the Nikon D5300 and D3300. Sony’s new flagship APS-C E mount camera has a 24.3MP APS-C sensor at its heart. And while many may still say that that is way too many megapixels for a small sensor, the results are surely in.

However, during our briefing with Sony, what they were really pushing was the autofocus–which is super fast and utilizes phase detection.

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Review: Sony 20mm f2.8 (APS-C E Mount)


Who doesn’t like pancake lenses? They’re small, perform well, and often are stuck to our cameras because of their portability. So when Sony created the 20mm f2.8, we just had to get it onto a camera for a try. Pancake lenses often trade performance for size, and the 20mm f2.8 isn’t an exception. It ranks on the bottom of the company’s prime offerings, but also is still better than their zoom lenses when it comes to image quality.

But that’s not why you’ll want to keep it on your camera.

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Sony’s New A6000 Boasts 179 Phase Detection Focusing Points


Today, Sony is announcing their brand new A6000 mirrorless Alpha camera at CP+–which is the successor to the NEX 6. The camera’s design and style pay homage to the NEX 7 while still retaining a bit of what the NEX 6 had to offer. For example, there are more dials than on the lower end cameras for sure.

At its heart, the A6000 houses a 24.3MP APS-C sensor. This isn’t the same that was in the NEX 7, instead it’s a brand new one. It also shoots 1080/60p and 24p video, takes SD cards, has a 1,400k dot EVF, a 3 inch 921,600 dot LCD screen, 1/4000 sec. maximum shutter speed, can shoot up to 11fps, has flash sync to 1/160 sec., ISO range from 100-25,600 and more.

But by far, one of the things that’s blowing our minds about this camera is the revamped autofocus. There are 179 phase detection points on the sensor and 25 contrast points. Plus there’s NFC and WiFi.

All this can be yours for $799 when it launches in mid-April.

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First Impressions: Sony A6000

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A6000 first impressions images (5 of 8)ISO 2001-100 sec at f - 5.0

It’s been a while since the NEX-6 was announced, and we still love ours. But today for CP+, the company is announcing its successor: the 24.3MP APS-C sensor A6000. As Sony reported earlier, they’re getting rid of the NEX moniker and putting all cameras under the Alpha name instead. For what it is, the A6000 seems like a beast of a camera. Besides the large megapixel APS-C sensor, it has NFC, Wifi, 179 autofocus points, and loads more features.

Oh by the way, those focusing points are all phase detection points on the sensor. This coupled with the new sensor are two of the bigger upgrades to the camera.

While we’re still waiting for our review unit, we got some time to play with the camera at an event recently in NYC.

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