Deal Alert: Nikon Lens Rebates on Many of the Top Favorites

If you’ve always been looking to get your hands on some affordable Nikon glass, then now is the time to look at these pretty amazing Nikon Lens Rebates. Lots of the company’s lenses are being sold off at really low prices right now and if you’ve always want some of them but couldn’t afford them, then now is the time to get some of that glass.

We’ve got the full roundup after the jump.

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Review: Sony 24mm f1.8 (Sony NEX E Mount)

As the current creme-de-la-creme of Sony’s NEX lenses, the 24mm f1.8 renders a near 35mm field of view on the 1.5x Crop APS-C sensor inside of their NEX cameras. When the NEX 7 came in for review, we nearly had it constantly mated to the camera. Plus, when the F3 was announced, the lens spent its fair amount of time on the camera.

When I say we, I mean that I and a little more than half of the staff took it for a run.

And we essentially all thought nearly the same thing.

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Hands On: Sony NEX 7

“If you can’t afford a Leica, this is the one to get.” Those are the words of the Sony Rep that demoed the NEX-7 to me. The other day, I finally got my hands on the extremely coveted Sony NEX-7 (or NEX7 and NEX 7). Though the reviews have already started to come out, I’m still waiting for my units to give them a full run through. However, this camera seemed extremely impressive during the brief time I spent with it as did the 24mm f1.8 lens.

Note that these were pre-production models though.

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