Sony Announces Improved Autofocus Speed for the A7r/A7 in New Firmware Update

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A7 A7r RX10 Zeiss Lenses (15 of 31)

Sony’s A7 and A7r are both two of the hottest cameras currently available on the market. But they just got even better. Sony’a A7 is already the better focusing camera of the two, but now it’s become even better. In the new firmware announced today, both cameras get boosts in AF speed performance but the A7 can use Fast Hybrid AF–which makes the focusing on Sony’s cameras even faster–or at least with certain lenses.

They’re also stating that the image quality has improved, though they’re not clear on exactly how that has changed. Additionally, the NEX 6 and many of the 5 models are enjoying updates.

Full links and information are after the jump. But also consider our reviews of the Sony A7 and A7r.

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Review: Sony NEX-5T

julius motal the phoblographer sony nex 5t product-4

The NEX 5 line has been refreshed again, this time to a T. Identical in size and shape to its predecessor the 5R, the 5T comes with NFC for transferring images to your phone. With 16.1MP on an APS-C sensor, the 5T has the same spec sheet as the 5R which means that it will produce the same high quality images. This is my first extended stay with one of the more mid-range NEX cameras, and it’s been swell.

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Review: Rokinon 24mm T1.5 (Sony NEX E Mount)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Rokinon 24mm T1.5 lens product photos lead image (1 of 1)ISO 32001-400 sec at f - 2.0

Rokinon recently announced that all of their cinema lenses would be available for NEX cameras, and then one day the entire lineup was all set and ready. While reviewing the Sony NEX 5R, we called in the Rokinon 24mm T1.5 cinema lens to test. Why specifically on the 5R? The BBC used the camera’s predecessor to film a web series and many people who purchase the 5 series of cameras usually end up using it as a video camera.

And why not? It has full 1080p out, 1080 60p and 1080 24p HD video footage. Plus it’s a Sony sensor.

Rokinon has been well known for their lens quality at a more affordable price. Very rarely does a lens of theirs go through our hands that we haven’t loved. But is this lens any different?


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Review: Sony NEX 5R

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony NEX 5R with 35mm f1.8 OSS product photos (1 of 9)ISO 8001-50 sec at f - 4.5

The NEX 5R has quite a bit to live up to. We previously reviewed its predecessor, the NEX 5N, and nearly fell in love with the camera’s image quality and small size. Indeed, Sony did an excellent job with the camera as  enthusiasts, semi-professionals, and professionals in the case of the BBC picked it up. With all of this said, does the NEX 5R have what it takes to dethrone its ancestor?


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Sony Presents New α57 SLT Which Does (Almost) All The Thinking For You

Sony today presents the latest model of their Alpha SLT lineup of translucent-mirror interchangeable lens cameras, the α57. Successor to the α55 not only by name, it ups the ante with a bunch of new features that come awfully close to making the photographer obsolete. Besides using the same 16 megapixel sensor as the mirrorless NEX-5n and featuring a new 50p/60p video mode, it comes with a portrait mode that does the framing for you and tracks faces even if they are turned away from the camera. To find out if it still needs a photographer to operate it, read on after the jump.

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Review: Sony NEX 5n

After reviewing the Sony NEX C3, I have been dying to get my hands on the 5N (5n). Though initial reviews have shown the earlier versions to have clicking problems when recording video, my version did not seem to have that fault. I have already done a hands on review of the Rokinon 8mm f2.8 fisheye lens using the 5N, and I’ve also compared it to the Canon 5D Mk II in a real life situation.

So as Sony’s middle child (with the C3 being the low end and 7 being the high end) can the 5N really prove to excel above some of the competition?

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Which One is Which? Sony NEX 5n vs Nikon D5100

DXOMark rates camera sensors, and they’re considered the standard in the industry though many will argue their findings at times. When Sony sent me the NEX 5n, I looked around the internet to try to find information about it. Everyone had compared it to Canon’s 5D Mk II due to the video capabilities. However, I didn’t see much when it came to Nikon comparisons.

Let’s get one thing straight: Nikon’s D5100 and D7000 have essentially the same video modes and therefore also would almost never be usable for most pros. Though Chase Jarvis uses the D7000 to create some great video, I have to agree more with Andrew Reed’s findings in that the auto-exposure adjustment override absolutely kills me. I really highlighted this in my D5100 review. Indeed, the T3i is a much better camcorder as we concluded.

But this test is about the still image quality between the Sony NEX 5n vs the D5100. Sure one is a DSLR and one is a mirrorless camera, but they’re both APS-C sized sensors. So can you tell which photo came from which camera? Take a look at our informal test to see.

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Field Review: Sony a580 (Day 1)

Sony a580

Within the past two weeks, I have made the move from film to digital. My Minolta career is on hold for a while as I explore every facet of Sony’s latest addition to the alpha DSLR line: the a580. I had a brief hands-on with it at Photo Plus. This camera is a blend of elements as it is an upgrade from the a550, and it shares a 16.2 MP sensor and full HD video with the a55. In this post, I will detail my first impressions as a new Sony alpha shooter. Any images taken with the a580 were shot with Minolta AF glass. Continue reading…

Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 4)

After some exploring and digging around on the CD provided with the Sony NEX 5, installation on my Macbook was finally successful. At the time of writing this posting, the camera still does not work with Lightroom 3. Editor’s note: it works in 3.2. Once again, this posting was written before 3.2 and is being kept this way to show what I went through to try to edit the photos. Because of this, I am able to show off loads of photos taken and provide commentary on top of talking about the workflow.

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Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 2)

At the time of writing this posting, despite it performing very admirably, there have been technical problems with the Sony NEX 5. Because of said problems, this posting will talk about the sweep panorama feature and the image quality delivered from the camera using this feature. Once again, the RAW files cannot be processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3and the provided program did not work on my Macbook laptop at the time of writing this piece. Editor’s note: once again making a note that Lightroom 3.2 can process the files and that this review is being written as it happened in chronological order for accuracy. On my PC, the program works, but it is quite cumbersome and slow to use. In a couple of days, all images recorded from the camera will be shot in JPEG unless otherwise stated.

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Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 1)

As the biggest current threat to Micro Four Thirds according to reviewers, and with a company like Sony with lots of resources to back the new system, the flagship Sony NEX 5 camera is one that I’ve been finding so far to be more reasonable than intuitive. It has quickly become my companion camera with me leaving my 7D and 5D Mk II at home in favor of its smaller size and terrific image quality. However, it has its flaws that I feel can perhaps cripple the budding system with so much potential. Please note that this will be a duel field review. I, Chris Gampat, will be testing the camera out myself on many occasions as will Copy Editor Julius Motal. Julius is currently a Minolta film shooter and his sister owns a Sony a230. His family has been with that system for years.

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How to Mount Vintage Lenses to Modern Cameras Using Adapters

Looking for a guide on using vintage lenses on your modern camera? David Krooshof has you covered with his in-depth how-to.

Previously, we saw here an explanation about using vintage lenses on your new camera, including a video testing them for the bokeh. Let’s look into the world of adapters that are needed if you’d like to use retro glass. These adapters come in the form of rings with one end connecting to your specific camera, and the other accepting a certain lens.

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The Man Made of Light: A Long Exposure Conceptual Project

All images by 2wenty. Used with permission.

“A lot of my work is driven off bottled up emotions and photography is my outlet for it and as result the emotions are frozen in time by the camera.” says artist 2wenty. For 2wenty, the long exposures produced are a reflection of self on top of creative expression.

The character is “Man Made of Light” was born one night during a party, when 2wenty decided to go out and experiment with light. Combine this with a love of going out alone at night and photography and you’ve got yourself an awesome idea for a project once you throw in a dash of creative freedom.

And for 2wenty, the Man Made of Light is a constant companion.



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