The Noob's Guide to Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography is a popular technique used to capture light by slowing down the shutter. The formula is simple: slow down the shutter speed and for best results close the aperture (F stop.) This is best done with use of a tripod. What you get as a result is sometimes some very interesting effects such as the picture above. It’s best done with a DSLR or camera with advanced shooting settings like aperture and manual.

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We May Be Getting a Minor Facelift

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that since the site is starting to grow and because I have a new writer (Vincent Pastore) I may be changing the looks up a bit to accommodate to bylines. It may possibly also include me getting rid of the header up top.

The new site will work even faster on your phones as well. I’m open to insights though. I’m currently using the Pressrow Theme of WordPress.


Chris Gampat


Entry Level DSLRs are Better Than We Think

Most readers of this site use Entry Level DSLRs of some sort. Semi-pro and professional photographers like me don’t always tend to give those types of cameras the full credit they deserve. After seeing things like a Sony A350 survive time in a freezer and Fred Miranda’s Rebel XT survive a fall out of an airplane it can be said that quite a bit can actually be done with these cameras and that they probably can last much longer than we think. More after the jump.

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Times Square Has Changed

Times Square in the rain

My buddy Geoff Fox grew up knowing Times Square for what it was back in the old days, “scuzzy strip of sleaze.” He’s a weatherman and fellow photographer, and over at his blog he reminisces about what Times Square was and how it has changed for what he thinks was for the worse. The posting is complete with photographs of the new Times Square.

In my honest opinion. I’ve always hated the place. You get bored of it pretty quickly when you’re a very young New Yorker. More photos of the Square after the jump. Be sure to check out Geoff’s blog posting as well.

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Hands On Review: Panasonic ZS-7

Last week, the Panasonic folks invited me over for some personal fondling time with their cameras. The ZS-7 stood out the most to me because of the feature set and the types of cameras that the readers of this blog usually use (even more so than the TS2.) Though it isn’t the LX3, it is still quite an advanced camera, quite a beauty and loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles. More on this all after the jump.

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Panasonic Announces New Update to Lumix Line

Today, Panasonic announced an update to their Lumix camera line. Amongst the updates are the TS2 and the ZS-7, which I have had hands-on time with. The cameras have some brand spankin’ new features to the lines such as Intelligence Zoom and others (more on these in the hands on articles.) Target audiences and main specs after the jump.

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Hands-On Review: Panasonic TS2

Panasonic’s new tough camera is seemingly quite the trooper. I got some personal fondling time with the TS2 recently with Panasonic’s invite. The camera seems to be quite impressive from my brief hands-on time with them. Tech specs, handling, etc after the jump.

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Pizza Bread with Polly-O

Pizza Bread with Polly-O, originally uploaded by ChrisGampat.

Continuing with my project to improve my food photography, I photographed my breakfast today.

I took simple Italian bread, put Ragu sauce on it then sprinkled Mozzerella on top. It went into the toaster oven for a while (we have a special one.) When it came out, I put the seasonings on top and it came out of so beautifully.

The two pieces were then placed on a plate and a stick of Polly-O String cheese was placed under them to make a face on the plate.

I’ve learned to play with my food to make great photos.

Tandoori Chicken with Green Beans

Continuing my work to improve my food photography, I bring you Tandoori Chicken with Green Beans.

This was shot while my sister and I were cooking (I was cooking stove top Ziti alongside) with my 5D Mk II and 50mm F1.8 II at F4. I brightened it in photoshop and added two soft light gradients.

It made me think about the caption of this picture a lot. We’re Indian (partially) living in America. American culture has changed fairly rapidly since I was growing up. The place that was so central to the American family used to be the living room. Then the internet changed all that.

These days, I feel it’s the kitchen. It’s basically the family meeting room. It somehow or another brings us all together. We get food here, we cook together here and lots more. It’s the central hub of lots of happenings. The kitchen is family.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken, originally uploaded by ChrisGampat.

Continuing my work to improve my food photography, I bring you Tandoori Chicken.

This was shot while my sister and I were cooking (I was cooking stove top Ziti alongside) with my 5D Mk II and 50mm F1.8 II at F4. Little to no work was done in photoshop.

Just think about how much we take this for granted these days. We literally just threw the mix in there with the chicken after we cleaned it. But seriously, getting that recipe possibly took thousands of years of work. Someone had to try it first and realized it was terrible so they went back to the drawing board to improve it. Then someone else said that they can make it better. And the process continued. It’s taken thousands and thousands of years of traditional recipes and modifying those traditional recipes to bring it to this point.

And it’s all in just a little packet that you can pick up in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Amazing, huh?

Mac and Cheese in Tostitos Scoopers

I’m working on my food photography skills. As you can see, I need plenty of work.

This was done with my Canon 5D Mk II, 24-105mm F4 L IS lens, and my 430 EX II with Gary Fong Lightsphere on it.

I used natural lights from the kitchen windows, ceiling lights and my flash. Afterwards I processed it in photoshop for colors and soft lighting filters adjusted to specific angles.

Oh, and before I forget: this is Macaroni and Cheese with Basil, Garlic Powder and crushed Red Peppers in Tostitos Scoopers.

Reader Question: Tips To Help a College Newspaper Staff

Photo by Vincent Pastore

Today’s reader question comes from Nicole Balbone, another photographer I know in the NYC area that is still in college. Nicole is the photo editor of her school newspaper and wants to give some pointers to her staff: so she turns to me. I’m a former News Editor of my college newspaper and former Editorial Director (and President) of my college radio station. Hit the jump for the reader’s letter.

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Situations Where Micro Four Thirds is A Better Choice

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

As a photographer, I’ve run into many situations these days where a small good quality Micro Four Thirds camera may have been much more useful as opposed to my DSLR or my cameraphone. As readers may know, I’m a Canon 5D Mk II DSLR user that came from shooting an Olympus E-510. Olympus and Panasonic are part of the Micro Four Thirds group and they really are onto something useful for photographers that can justify the purchase of one via profits. Here are a couple of situations based on personal experience where Micro Four Thirds may have been better.

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