Get All The LR and PS Presets You’ll Ever Need for Just $39 (Save 95%)

7500 Lightroom and Photoshop presets that work on both mobile and desktop versions for a price this low is insanity!

How would you like to save countless hours when it comes to editing your images and getting them to look their best? What if we told you that instead of spending hours sitting in front of your computer, you could just spend a few minutes and still get the high-quality results you’re used to? Well, you can with this bundle of 7500 presets, which has dropped in price to just $39! Better yet, this bundle of presets works on Lightroom Mobile and traditional desktop versions of Lightroom, including CC, and they work in all desktop versions of Photoshop. Get all the details on this incredible deal after the break.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Make Your Travel Photos Not Suck

Whether you’re just getting started with photography or need more tips to improve your photo editing skills, today’s photography cheat sheet has you covered.

Post-processing remains an integral part of photography today, so it’s important to have a good grasp of what apps, editing software, and techniques will make your photos stand out or fit the look you’re going for. If you’re still new to this or are looking for more ways to get better at it, we have just the photography cheat sheet for you.

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The New Paul C. Buff Link 800WS Flash Has TTL for Under $1,000

The new updated Link 800WS flash has been a long time coming, but the wait is worth it.

If you’re a fan of lights from Paul C. Buff, you’re going to love this news. Today, the company announced that the long-awaited 800WS link flash will be hitting store shelves this spring and that it has all of the bells and whistles modern photographers need to produce impressive images. Join us after the break for all of the details, including specs and pricing info.

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Samsung’s Credit Card Sized T7 Touch SSD Backs Up Files in a Hurry

If you need an SSD that can back up your files in a hot fire flash, and that can slip into your pocket, you might be interested in the T7 Touch SSD.

Who remembers back when a floppy disk that could hold 1.44mb of data was the stuff of the future? I remember that, and I remember 5.25-inch disks that could hold 1.2mb or less (yeah, I’m old). Now though, companies like Samsung are making SSD’s that can hold 2TB of data on devices the size of credit cards. Samsung’s new T7 Touch SSD not only boasts rapid data transfer rates, but it can also be secured with your fingerprint. For more details about the new Samsung T7 SSD, head on past the break.

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The DoBox Pro Makes the iPad Pro Easier for Photographers to Use

dobox pro

The DoBox Pro promises to help you get more done while on the road with your iPad Pro.

Thanks to the recent update to the new iPadOS, users of Apple’s iPad Pro series, and even users of regular iPad’s have seen some dramatic changes to their tablets. The latest update added a host of new features, including support for external storage, mouse and trackpad support, and full file management. As you can imagine, many users now see the iPad Pros as a viable alternative to carrying around a full-blown laptop. Companies like DoBox Ltd are now making accessories that make that even more feasible. Their new DoBox Pro is aimed at iPad Pro power users like photographers, and it will bring a lot of connectivity options to the platform. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Save 96% on a Mega PS Overlay Bundle, Save on PCs

photoshop overlays

A massive Photoshop overlays bundle and a blazingly fast new computer will save hours in post.

It’s not every day that you save 96% on a bundle of over 14,000 Photoshop overlays. For a short time, you can pick up this mega Photoshop overlays bundle for just $39! Use Lightroom more? No problem. You can get over 1,500 presets for only $29! If you want to improve your skills and learn new things, you should also check out the guides we found. Nino Batista’s 30 video retouching series is only $49 and Frank Doorhof’s Essential Lighting techniques is just $39! If it’s a new PC you’re after to speed up editing, you need to check out the Ryzen based desktop that comes with a GTX 1060, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive for just $799.99. See all of the Photoshop overlays and tech deals after the break. Continue reading…

Review: Lenovo Yoga A940 All-In-One PC (Is It for Photographers?)

The Lenovo Yoga A940 All-In-One Desktop is a feature-rich Surface Studio.

The Yoga A940 All-In-One Desktop PC is Lenovo’s more affordable take on the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 concept designed with photographers and creative professionals in mind. Like the Surface Studio 2, the Lenovo Yoga A940 features a double-hinged, high-resolution, touch screen display attached to a base unit that houses the All-In-One’s components. Unlike the Surface Studio, Lenovo actually integrated a dedicated keyboard tray and QI wireless charging pad into the Yoga A940’s base unit. This makes for an arguably neater design, particularly if you like to store everything away neatly when not in use. Lenovo also includes all of the peripherals with the Yoga A940, which include a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, Bluetooth Active Pen, and a Content Creation Dial. The Content Creation Dial is Lenovo’s spin on Microsoft’s Surface Dial, an optional accessory for the Surface Studio 2 that costs US $99.99. All of this adds up to a compelling All-In-One desktop solution, but how’s it fare under real-world use? Let’s find out.

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Review: Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet – Small

photography accessories

The Wacom Intuos Pro Small is a powerful tool perfect for creators and photo editors with limited space. 

Wacom has been synonymous with producing tablets for media creators for a long time now, and there is no doubt that their tablets can make editing photographs much easier in post-production. The company introduced their new Pro line of tablets in 2017, but only recently released the new Wacom Intuos Pro Small model. This tablet offers the main features found in the larger models but in a fun-sized, lower-priced package. After the break, we will share our experience with the tablet and let you know if this small package can deliver significant results. Continue reading…

Gear Review: X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

X-Rite’s ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is a reliable and valuable tool for photographers working with accurate color workflows.

Most modern digital cameras do an excellent job of reproducing the colors of the real world. However, there is arguably still some room for improvement. Most modern sensors only record red, green, and blue, and must interpolate the rest of the colors. Certain workflows, such as those implemented when photographing products or fashion for high-end commercial clients, demand accurate and consistent colors. This is where the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 comes in. The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 works with their ColorChecker Camera Calibration software. They claim it to be a reliable tool to help photographers create accurate reference images under any lighting condition. But here’s the big question: do you really need it?

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Think Tank’s Retrospective Camera Bag Series Finally Comes in Black

retrospective camera bag

Photographers who like the traditional color of black on camera bags will be pleased with this news about Think Tank’s Retrospective camera bag series.

Think Tanks Retrospective camera bag series has been a big hit for the company. However, for quite some time they have only been available in a color that Think Tank likes to call Pinestone. The color is lovely and has no doubt been a hit with photographers who enjoy earth tones, but there are those out there who like the more traditional shade of black. Think Tank announced today that they will finally start selling their Retrospective camera bag series in black. So, for those of you who have been wanting this, your wish has come true. Check out all the details after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Sigma 35mm F1.4 $699, iPad Pro $499, and Much More

A picture showing sigma lenses

We’ve found a ton of great photography deals and put them all in one place for you.

If you’re looking to pick up a new lens, or need some new accessories to aid in your photographic journey, you’ve come to the right place. We have found some great photography deals for you. The excellent Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM Art has a discount of $200, which bring it down to just $699! The Sigma 24-105mm f4 Art is down to only $779 for both Canon and Nikon cameras. You can also get a great deal on a 10.5″ Apple iPad Pro. Right now, this tablet is only $499! Then there are deals on an anti-theft camera holster, which is only $9.99 (regular $59.95), and the Think Tank Urban Approach shoulder camera bag is a steal at $49.99. Come and see all of the other incredible savings and photography deals we have found after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Tutorials for $19, Olympus Pen 8 for $399, EOS RP Kit for $1,699

camera deals

All of the best photography deals from around the web in one place!

We love bringing you the best photography deals from around the web, and man, have we found some cracking deals! For a limited time, you can pick up some of the best photography tutorials for just $19 each. Choose from titles like The Beginner’s Guide to Astro Landscape Photography, Street Photography: The Art of Photographing Strangers, and many more for just $19! If it’s a new camera you’re after, we’ve found insane deals on them too. The Canon EOS R can be yours for just $1,999, the Nikon Z6 with a tripod, accessory bundle, and FTZ mount is only $1,796.95. And a compact bargain in the Olympus Pen EPL8 with a lens can be nabbed for just $399! Need a new computer to edit your RAW’s on? The HP 4K touchscreen laptop with an i5, 8GB of RAM and, a 256GB SSD has a $700 discount, making it only $799! Come on in and see all of the photography deals we have found. Continue reading…

New Hex Glacier Series Has Four Stylish Camera Bags for DSLR Users

The new Hex Glacier Series is comprised of four new DSLR camera bags that promise to protect your gear in style.

Heads up to photographers looking for reliable carrying options for their DSLRs! Award-winning fashion accessory brand Hex has just released the new Glacier Series, a collection of four innovative camera bags designed to be stylish and protective shooting companions for DSLR photographers. Whatever your shooting style and wherever you’re headed for your next projects, this new camera bag series is worth your consideration.

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Cheap Photo: 128GB SD at $19.99, New iPad at $249, and More

Currently, there are some crazy good deals on photography accessories.

Photography accessories like camera bags, tripods, storage, and tools for post processing make our lives easier. Fortunately for us there are some amazing deals on photography accessories we all need. The amazing 500GB wireless portable SSD from Western Digital that can back up SD Cards without the need for a computer is just $279! A 128GB SD Card from SanDisk is only $19.99. Need a new tripod? You can save $64 on the Manfrotto BeFree Aluminum tripod right now. Perhaps you need a new bag to carry your gear around? The Domke F2 is down to just $99.99. You can also pick up the latest gen 32GB iPad for only $249, perfect for on the go editing and showing clients their images. Check out all of the deals we have found on photography accessories after the break. Continue reading…

Review: Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack (The In-Between Bag)

With the Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack, photographers get a slim and versatile bag.

When I first saw the Tenba Shootout 16L DSLR Backpack, I was at Ira Block’s apartment in Manhattan. Ira, who hails from National Geographic, designed the bag with the folks at Tenba. Though it’s marketed as a DSLR shooting option, it’s probably more correctly labelled as an offering for those who use bigger mirrorless cameras and have the lenses that go along with them. But the Tenba Shootout 16 DSLR Backpack is sort of an odd choice. It’s got the depth and length of most camera bags, but it doesn’t have the width, purposely. It’s designed to keep you minimal, sort of. Think of it as a bag for the in-between crowd–and there are a lot of you out there.

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Six Powerful PCs to Help Photographers with Speedy Post Processing

post processing

If your current PC huffs and puffs through post-processing, it may be time for a radical upgrade.

These days, computers are definitely something we take for granted, and we seem to think that the one we have is ‘good enough’ to get the job done when it comes to editing images or creating other forms of content, but my how times have changed. These days you need a pretty beefy PC just to even meet the requirements set forth by both Adobe and Capture One, and to get the absolute best performance possible you need a speed demon of a PC. If you’re finding that your current system sounds like a jet engine at full power when you’re editing images, it’s probably time for a new computer. Here we will take a quick look at some of the best PC’s (desktops and laptops) for post-processing and content creation. Continue reading…

These Are the Best Apple Computers for Photographers Right Now

Photographers complaining about how awful Apple’s products are probably haven’t thought about these Apple computers for photographers.

A lot of photographers aren’t ready to let go of Apple. Though the company has been maintaining an abusive relationship with professionals for many years, their computers and their systems simply work. There isn’t a whole lot to complain about; things don’t go wrong often. The same can be said for PCs, but they’ll need more work to get there. So, for the photographer looking at a new Apple computer of some sort, we dissected the options currently out there and here’s what we think the best Apple computers for photographers are.

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HyperCube Automatically Backs up Your Smartphone Pics While Charging

HyperCube offers a handy solution to photo backup and media access from your iOS and Android device.

Running out of storage space on our smartphones and tablets is a common problem. Now, there’s now a tiny device designed to address that, and it does so while you charge your device. Called the HyperCube, it’s the latest offering HYPER by Sanho Corporation dropped on Kickstarter following their highly successful, crowdfunded USB-C hubs.

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Cheap Photo: All of the Best Photography Gear Sales for Memorial Day

Save on some of the best photography gear around this Memorial Day.

Whether you’re looking for a new camera, some new glass, a new computer or tablet to edit your photos with, or just need a new tripod, we have found some of the best deals on photography gear you’ll find this Memorial Day. A new Canon 5D IV can be yours for $2,799, the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera is a steal at $1,796.95, and the full frame Sony A7 II is just $898. Looking for something cheaper? The A6000 is a bargain at $398! A new iPad Pro can be picked up for $799, and a 13 inch Macbook Pro is another great buy at $999 ($299 discount). There are also exceptional deals on Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm lenses, and on a ton of accessories. Come and check out all of the huge Memorial Day savings on photography gear after the break.
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Wacom Completes Advanced Pen Tablet Series with New Intuos Pro Small

The new Wacom creative pen tablet is the company’s lightweight and portable addition to the now complete the Intuos Pro line. 

Photographers, digital artists, and designers looking to upgrade their creative pen tablet might want to check out the Wacom Intuos Pro Small. The new addition completes the company’s advanced creative pen tablet line, joining the Intuos Pro Medium and Intuos Pro Large sizes. With its host of features and benefits, this family of advanced pen and touch tablets promises expanded choices that bring the best of Wacom’s innovation and expertise in developing tools for digital art and design.

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Review: Datacolor SpyderX Elite (Their Best and Their Most Behind Product Yet)

post processing

The Datacolor SpyderX Elite is mostly the same product as its predecessor with a few major improvements.

If you were to ask most journalists, editors, and photographers about how often they calibrate their computer displays, I’m positive that the answer would be never–though the Datacolor SpyderX Elite should give them a number of reasons at least to consider it. The most recently updated product from Datacolor includes a few big design changes and deviations from the previous products. For the creatives who have been using the Spyder units for years, you’ll be happy to know that it operates mostly the same. But in terms of future proofing and reaching out to a newer generation of creatives, there are some obvious and glaring problems with the new Datacolor SpyderX Elite. A number of competitors have popped up in the most recent years to include pretty revolutionary features to the genre of products. But what’s perhaps the Datacolor SpyderX Elite’s biggest problem is the displays that they’re catering so hard towards.

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