Tablets for Photographers: The JooJoo

The next tablet on our list is the JooJoo. The JooJoo is made by Fusion Garage, a Singapore based company. The JooJoo’s original name was CrunchPad and was designed to be a complete web browsing tablet. Does this mean that the JooJoo has no use at all for photographers?  

Here are the spec: The JooJoo has a 12.1 inch, 1366X768 pixel resolution, multi-touch screen, Bluetooth 2.1, EDR wireless technology, 5 hour battery life, and a 4 GB Solid State Drive. On the outside it has a charger port, a USB 2.0 port, microphone jack, speakers, and a headphone jack. While this isn’t much, the saving grace of the JooJoo for photographers is the web browsing. The reason being is that photographers can still get what they need out of a tablet by using

For those of you who never used it before, is essentially a light version of Photoshop Elements. It gives you just what you need to do some basic editing for your photos. While this is not nearly as powerful as a full version of Photoshop it can get the job done while you are on the go.

Unfortunately though, I do not really see any much more potential for the JooJoo as a tool for photographers. For example, you won’t be able to edit RAW photos. Everything will have to be in the JPEG format. However, if you are a journalist at a event or show of some sort, this may have some use to you if your camera is coupled with an Eye-Fi card.

Similarly for photographers, it could be a cheaper way to track your expenses and conduct business if lots of your resources are accessible online.

While it looks very user friendly, I feel like it simply will not fufill the needs of the photographer on the go, unless your willing to settle with Another reason is the 4GB Solid State Drive. As photographers we rack up a lot of space being used in our photography and the way I see it is The JooJoo simply cannot fulfill the requirement of hard drive space.