Report: Adobe Working on a Full Version of Photoshop for iPad

Following in the footsteps of their experiment with Lightroom CC, a new report indicates Adobe has new plans for Photoshop on iPad.

Say what you will about Lightroom CC, but what Adobe has done here over the last year or two in developing a single cohesive experience for users across mobile phone and tablet experiences as well as on traditional computing platforms such as laptops and desktops has been impressive. Now, according to a Bloomberg report, Adobe is taking what they have learned through that endeavor and have shifted their Photoshop strategy in a similar direction, with a fully functional Photoshop app for iPad. Continue reading…

“Low Battery” Paints a Poignant Picture of How Glued We Are to Our Devices

“Low Battery” sheds light on how our generation suffers from the paradox of being the most connected, yet also the loneliest

As we get smarter mobile phones, faster Internet speeds, and more people to communicate with across the globe, we can’t help but exclaim, “What a time to be alive!” But, for every exciting promise of an even better future comes the gloomy reality we face today. We live in a time where everyone can easily connect with anyone, anywhere, and anytime, yet we are lonelier than ever. Spanish photographer Oscar Penelo translates this reality in an intimate portrait project titled Low Battery.

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The pixl-latr is a Nifty Tool for Digitizing Films and Transparencies with Ease

The nifty pixl-latr is finally out to make digitizing film negatives and transparencies using a digital camera or smartphone a lot easier

Film photographers, especially those who develop their own films at home, know all too well the struggles of digitizing their negatives without a film scanner. That’s why when Hamish Gill announced that he’s developing a tool he called pixl-latr, everyone who ever thought and tried creating digital versions of their film photos took to his Kickstarter campaign to support his project. If you haven’t yet, maybe you’d like to check this device out and see if it’s something you need for sharing your film photography.

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Tenba Adds a Sleek Backpack in Two Sizes to the Cooper Collection

Looking for a camera backpack? Tenba has just released a gorgeous Cooper backpack in two sizes.

If you’re thinking of switching to a camera backpack or adding one to your existing camera bag collection, Tenba is one the brands to check out. The company has been actively releasing camera backpacks to cater to the different and discerning needs of photographers. The most recent of these is the sleek Cooper backpack, which comes in two sizes: Slim Backpack and DSLR Backpack.

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This Film Canister Project is for the Very Bored Film Photographer

Whether this project is a fun use of your empty plastic film canisters, we let you decide.

Got a bunch of those plastic film canisters lying around? The most resourceful of film photographers have found a bunch of uses for these typically discarded items. What the video tutorials you’re about to watch, however, may only be particularly useful if you’re an incredibly bored film photographer. It could be fun, though. Somewhat.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L (Don’t Call it a Fanny Pack)

Though it can be used as a fanny pack, the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L is much more versatile.

When the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L came in for review, I was almost put off by it. You see, the Peak Design Messenger bag left a very bad taste in my mouth because of how little thought was put into making it both versatile and comfortable at the same time. But after a few emails between the Peak Design team and I, I learned that the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L is perhaps one of the best bags for a photographer who wants to carry a minimal kit for a day out. If you’re a biker in a big city and you don’t want to feel as if you’re carrying the equivalent of a small person, the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L will ensure that doesn’t happen. It’s small and so it really only houses a camera with a lens (and perhaps an extra lens), along with small pockets for a bit more stuff. I often bring it out when I’m shooting film. But one of the absolute best things about it is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag at all.

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Review: Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium)

photo editing

The Wacom Intuos Pro may be just the thing photographers need

If you have been around photography for any length of time then you have likely at some point or another been recommended a graphics tablet of some sort to assist you while you are processing your images. No doubt Wacom’s line of Bamboo or Intuos tablets is something you have at least heard about, if not considered directly.

Well, Wacom updated their high-end tablet, the Intuos Pro, earlier this year and this is our review of that updated tablet, its abilities, and so forth. So if you have been considering a tablet of any kind, or maybe this model specifically, have a look below for our full review on the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MQU5LW7′ text=’Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium)’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d65acf9c-b50c-11e7-a2f8-a75fcc5b4fb8′]. Continue reading…

Mauricio Candela’s Nostalgia Project Portrays the Simplicity of Childhood

All images by Mauricio Candela. Used with Creative Commons Permission

One of the qualities that make childhood memories powerful subjects for creative work is their universality. While we differ in experiences, the nostalgia of our younger years is something we all feel once in a while. Today’s photography inspiration will surely inspire you to take a trip down memory lane for your own creative work.

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What Photographers Need to Make The Website Building Process Amazingly Simple

“Just images, right?” No! You see, one of the reasons why so many people don’t want to make a website for their photography is because they don’t want to get all the necessary information together to do it. Crazy, right? Despite the fact that making a website is incredibly simple these days some photographers just haven’t taken that next step.

If you’re still looking to take that next step though, here are the things that every photographer should have ready and in place before they create a proper, dedicated home base for their portfolio.

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The Best Photography and Cameras Deals for Cyber Monday 2016

If you click any link today on the search for Cyber Monday Deals, this is only one that should truly matter.

We all known that Cyber Monday is the better shopping day because you can take care of it all in your pajamas! Many deals from Black Friday have been extended, and you can find those below, but we also have some new savings for you to enjoy so make sure and check out today’s listing.  Continue reading…

4 Tech Product Deals Photographers Should Note This Weekend

It is really easy to get caught up in the hoopla and hype surrounding new cameras and lenses, but lets be honest people, there are so many more things that we can all be focusing on to improve out photography. Everything from better techniques to better tech for processing. Since most of the photography focused sites will be sharing some incredible camera and lens gear deals this weekend, I wanted to take a minute and focus on some killer deals for other products that you can use as a photographer.

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4 Killer PC-Based 2016 Macbook Pro Alternatives

Ok, so Apple pissed a lot of people off with their announcement of the 2016 Macbook Pro, be it the lack of a touch screen, the new keyboard, no SD card slot, or any non-thunderbolt3 ports. So it stands to reason that many of you are possibly taking another look at Windows based machines. Windows 10 has been getting raves reviews and Microsoft has really been stepping up their game overall, so today we have a listing for you of some killer 2016 Macbook Pro alternatives over in PC land.  Continue reading…

Mindshift Gear’s New Backpacks Are For Outdoor Photographers

Having the right camera bag to suit specific needs and purpose can make a world of difference. For those photographers that love to explore the great outdoors, Mindshift Gear just launched the Trailscape and Sidepath backpacks.

The Trailscape has interior dimensions of 9.4” W x 17.3” H x 4.8” D–which the company claims is designed to fit plenty of gear while remaining slim. The main features of Trailscape backpack include spacious interior for photo essentials, slots for tablets and laptops as well as compartments for extra gear such as a light jacket and lunch. The main interior fits a complete camera system including 70-200mm f2.8 lens attached with hood in the shooting position. Additionally, the shoulder harness is padded and there is the removable webbing waist-belt which helps stabilize the bag in use.  Continue reading…

La Noir Image Returns on Sept 1st (And Big Changes to the Phoblographer)

Hi everyone,

I genuinely hope that you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. I’ve been working for most of it; in fact, Anthony and I were both working pretty much 12 hours ago from when this is being published.

This post is a note on some of the big changes that are coming to the Phoblographer, but even more importantly to La Noir Image. To refresh, La Noir Image is our black and white photography website that we’ve had on the side for around a year now. We did a Kickstarter to turn it into a magazine for tablets and phones, failed, and we’ve been at work doing revamps to the website since.

Here’s the latest news about what’s going on here.

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Which One: Fujifilm X Pro 2 vs Fujifilm X-T2

Did you know that Fujifilm has two flagship cameras in the X series lineup? For many of you looking to upgrade or switch, it will be a question of the Fujifilm X Pro 2 vs the Fujifilm X-T2 when it comes to purchasing. It’s a bit insane, but the company’s reasoning for this has to do with the fact that they’re offering both a rangefinder style and an SLR style camera body for those that want them. It makes sense–Panasonic does the same thing.

At the moment of publishing this post, we’re just comparing specs here. However, we’re supposed to test the Fujifilm X-T2 very soon and we’re going to update it accordingly.

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Offer Your Clients a Uniquely Artistic and Timeless Product with Shots on Stone

It’s pretty interesting that not many people have thought about what “Shots on Stone” is trying to do right now. There have been Polaroid emulsion lifts onto wood and stone, but this is a different process.

The project, just as the name implies, involves developing prints on stone tablets for an incredibly unique and artistic way to display your imagery.

More after the jump…

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The Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Lets You Add Filters and Collages to Your Instax Prints


When Fujifilm launched their Instax printer a while back, we honestly couldn’t imagine a way that it could be improved or reworked. But Fujifilm has proven us wrong with their announcement of the Share SP-2 printer. The company claims that it has improved WiFi connectivity, quieter operation with a print appearing in 10 seconds as opposed to 16, and an improved app to work in conjunction with it.

But that’s not all.

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How I’m Learning to Avoid Editing Photos on My Computer

It seems like Apple and the entire web are trying to move photographers towards editing and working off of tablets. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but we all know that RAW files are how you can get the most out of the images that you shoot. For what it’s worth though, editing a JPEG is also a very viable option that many photographers do when trying to quickly promote something or get the news out there about something specific.

In the past two years in fact, Iv’e found myself wanting to sit and edit less and less–instead opting to work on the files on my phone or tablet.

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