Daniella Zalcman’s New York and London Juxtaposition Photos

Daniella Zalcman's New York and London Juxtaposition Photos (1 of 1)

All images are copyright of Daniella Zalcman. Used with permission

New York and London are extremely photogenic cities that are not only the center of many commercial shoots, but also in various films. What if you could fuse the two though? Daniella Zalcman has done just that in a series of double exposure images that were shared on her Instagram and Flickr. She got the idea when she prepared to move from the Big Apple to the home of Big Ben. She took to Kickstarter to accumulate funding for the production of a limited run book called NY + London and received her goal for the creation.

Take a look at some of the selections after the jump and read out quick interview with her.

Via Time Out NY

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Behind the Scenes of an Instagram Meetup

The Instagram Blog is usually a curator of some really cool and awesome things in the creative world. What many people don’t know is that there are actually many Instagram meetups that happen. Quite a bit of them actually happen right here in NYC. But the above min-doc done by Ravi Vora is a short demonstration of just what happens at some of them. We never thought that this many folks would get together, bring props, and all but it surely does go to show just how hardcore some people are about the social network.

Personally, I prefer to use a real camera and then port the images over. Also, we’re not totally sure if the video is a satire or not; but I believe it isn’t.

Via Bryan Formhals, Managing Editor of LPV Magazine

Malaise Explores A Sanatorium Turned WWI and WWII Military Hospital


Urban exploring is cool, but when the locations have some serious history or creepiness to them, it’s even cooler! Malaise is a photography project done by 23 year old London based creative Christian Schmeer about Beelitz-Heilstätten. According to Forbidden Places, it was a tuberculosis sanatorium until World World I came along. During that time, it served as a German Military hospital. Then World War II happened, and it served as a Soviet hospital. Adolf Hitler was treated here. Most of the complex though was abandoned but some of it still remains active.

“The smell of disinfectant still lingers in the operating rooms, permeating through the airy corridors, a caustic whiff in sharp contrast to the gentle palettes of old paint flaking off the walls and fantastic window frames,” stated Abandoned Berlin.

In 1989, the grounds became the scene of six murders as necrophilic serial killer Wolfgang Schmidt, also known as “The Beast of Beelitz”, terrorised the area. Once considered amongst the most advanced hospitals in Europe, Beelitz-Heilstätten has been abandoned and left to dilapidate due to discrepancies over ownership.

Take a look at some other photos and his Vimeo Staff Picks video after the jump.

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Jeremy Cowart: “When I Go to My Website, I Don’t Love What I See”


Many people are perhaps familiar with Jeremy Cowart or at least his work. Ever hear of Help Portrait? That’s Jeremy! And many of his photos fo celebrities have perhaps graced your eyes and you don’t even know it. But recently on his blog, Jeremy offered a very heartfelt and real video about his work–and it a point where every photographer reaches at some time during their career if not many. Our buddy Bill Wadman recently stated that he’s going through the same thing in On Taking Pictures. After looking at his own website, Cowart feels like he needs to step his game up. And to do that, he’s inviting people out to a special workshop that he is calling, “The Field Sessions.” The video shows Cowart talking about how he would be next to his favorite photographer in a heartbeat if they promised that they were about to create their best work ever. And Cowart is stating that he’s dedicating this workshop series to doing just that.

That’s quite a big feat Mr. Cowart! But if you’re already familiar with Jeremy’s idea and some of his processes, you’ll know that you’re bound to learn something. From what it sounds like, you won’t be sitting there lectured to all day. I worked with Jeremy a while ago on an article on how to get better colors from your images–and perhaps seeing his mysterious ways in person is a better way of learning how to become a better photographer yourself.

We can only wonder where he is pulling his inspiration from this time around.

Photographer Ranks Above Newspaper Reporter for 2013’s Worst Jobs


Can you believe it? Everyone and their mother thinks that all we do is push a button and we make loads of money–but in fact, we don’t! Go figure!!! A Photo Editor linked over to a report from Career Cast, which still ranks us as higher than a Newspaper Reporter. From former internships, I can tell you first hand that it’s a tough gig. In fact, Newspaper Reporter ranks in amongst the top 10 worst jobs of 2013. If you Google, “Photographer layoffs” the first thing that comes up is the infamous round of firings that CNN did of their photo staff in their decision to go with user generated content which they specifically coin their iReport. As controversial as a decision as that is, the Boston Marathon Bombings show us that there is a true need for the photojournalist according to another report from the Chicago Tribune.

More analysis after the jump.

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The Lyre Bird Imitates the Sound of a Camera Shutter, and One With a Motor Drive

Sometimes the most random and awesome things can be found in the wild. No, we’re not talking about photographing animals this time around, but we’re talking about just how awesome some of them can be. The Lyre Bird mimics the sounds of other birds in the forest. But in this video, it isn’t only mimicking those: but also that of a camera shutter. Then later on in the video, he does a camera with a motor drive and then a car alarm and a chainsaw.

You have to watch it to believe it.

Via the Online Photographer

When Taxidermy and Cameras Mix


People make cameras out of some crazy things, including LEGOs and boxes. But according to the latest interview on American Photo via the Verge, Nico Krebs and Taiyo Onorato have combined taxidermy with photography. And we’re not talking about photographing the process. Instead, the pair would take apart cameras and create a franken-camera of sorts by using dead animals such as turtles, armadillos, and others. But they also include intricate designs and the cameras actually capture some really beautiful images.

It seems like lots of work went not only into the functionality but also the looks of the devices. We can only imagine an 8×10 camera made from the shell of a giant tortoise.

Thief Steals Photographer’s Computer, Makes Images Artistically Better

Macbook Pro Retina w/WD Thunderbolt Duo

The Huffington Post is running an interesting story right now on photographer Melanie Willhide. Willhide had her computer stolen along with the backup drive. After reporting the theft, police found her machine in the back of a car they pulled over. It was then returned to Willhide and she began the process of trying to recover the images after the thief did some minor work to wipe the hard drive.

Amazingly, Willhide’s images were actually made artistically better and similar to things (Like Andy Warhol’s Eight Elvises) that one would see in a MoMA exhibit. And now, Willhide wishes she had him as a student.

So how did this happen? When one tries to recover images sometimes, the files can be corrupted and not totally in their original state. Plus it depends on how the software you were using went about trying to recover and piece the data back together. My feeling (after recovering data cards for years) is that the images are also nowhere near full resolution. And Willhide is simply just embracing a technical glitch as art. Go figure.

Zack Arias Declares DSLR to be Dead in a New Video

A while ago, Zack Arias did his own review of the Fujifilm X100s. And he loved it so much. He is now being featured in a brand new video from Fujifilm Middle East where he declares the same thing. Overall, the video has some wonderful photos from Arias, though some of them aren’t his strongest work. Some of the video work during the day isn’t the best either in the opening footage while the rest is positively beautiful. The video is worth a look to see what he captured while in Istanbul.

We also reviewed the X100s, and even though we found a couple of cons with the camera, we overall still declared it to also be quite excellent. However, we’re not quite ready to say that the DSLR is dead yet.

One Day in Brazil Is a Timelapse Film Featuring Epic Scenescapes

ONE DAY IN – BRAZIL from GRAFIKERorg on Vimeo.

Brazil has some extremely beautiful cities and loads of sights to behold. But this recent short film captured our attention due to the scene that it features. It’s surely not your average travel video as you’ll see day turning into night, the shore lines, the busy commutes, and lots more. Oh, and it’s all done in timelapse!

But what makes it even better is the music–60% of your video is good audio. And that’s always important to remember.

Man Tries to Make a Quick Buck From the Boston Marathon Bombing Photos


Some men just want to see the world burn, and some men want to commodify it. When the Boston Marathon Bombings happened, loads of images were flooding the internet. Photo based sharing network Instagram started the #PrayForBoston hashtag and many images from the event were made public. One man, Steve Goldstein, tried to make some extra dough from all these photos–so he put together a small photo book and charged some money for it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that Mr. Goldstein knows just how protective the photo community is of their images. For example, our site asks for permission to use images if they’re not ours every time we publish a story if the images aren’t ours or in a public domain. The images that Goldstein included were from major news sources–and he was treated with a cease and desist from the NYTimes. Usually, it is these major outlets that are stealing images that will try to get away with anything to not pay someone. But this time around, it was pretty much the reverse.

And apparently, this isn’t the first time that he’s done it.

Via PDN Pulse and NPPA

Shameless Plug: Give This Canon 5D Mk II a Good Home

5D Mark II Front

Interested in buying a 5D Mark II body? Well I just happen to have an extra one. I have been using this camera for the past few years, but I have typically been a two camera body shooter for most of that time so it wasn’t always seeing use 100% of the time.  Cosmetically speaking it is in excellent condition overall, with some minor wear on the strap lugs and tiny knicks here and there but no significant damage in any way. The shutter has had a little over 45k actuations and has plenty of life left in it.

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Hysterical New Photo Meme Involves Athletes Using Cats Instead of Balls


After perusing the internet for a bit, we found a crazy new meme involving cats and sports. No–the feisty felines aren’t getting pumped for battle on the football field. Well, they sort of are. Sports Balls Replaced with Cats will provide loads of hysterical content for you. And they’ve already gained lots of traction via a Facebook page.

Here’s a bunch of the photos after the jump.

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Is This the Next Photo Meme? Merging Facebook Profile and Cover Profile Images


There have long been many Facebook Cover image and profile image Social Media hacks. But Laughing Squid is reporting on this latest one involving a woman using her profile photo to add to scenes from famous movies and TV shows. The woman is a Redditor by the username of RubberDogTurds and posted them onto the famous sharing board. The images are hosted on IMGUR, and we encourage you to have a glance and ROFL.

However, there is an entire Facebook page dedicated to this called Awesome Profile Hacks. Here’s a roundup of some other awesome ones after the jump.

Via Laughing Squid

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NASA’s Image of a Giant Solar Flare is Stunning


Last night, NASA reported seeing and photographing this year’s largest solar flare. According to the company, “This is the strongest flare seen so far in 2013. Increased numbers of flares are quite common at the moment, since the sun’s normal 11-year activity cycle is ramping up toward solar maximum, which is expected in late 2013. Humans have tracked this solar cycle continuously since it was discovered, and it is normal for there to be many flares a day during the sun’s peak activity.”

The photo, though of something quite dangerous (but it can’t pass through Earth’s atmosphere) is really quite beautiful. If anything, it looks like an atom falling apart and being destroyed.

Via The Verge

The New Trend: Being Someone’s Vacation Photographer

nyc, new york city, chris gampat, photography, the phoblographer,

Allie Hawkins is leading a brand new trend–becoming a vacation photographer. According to a news story by ABCNews, it’s being marketed by partially appealing that the entire family will always be in the photos instead of having a family member taking the photos. Yes–apparently too many people don’t know about the time delay function on their camera. The article further cites that social media is a big part of the trend. The inference that one can gather from the article is that people care about quality images and are actually willing to pay for them.

It seems like it can be profitable too as the article says, “For $175 a person, photographer Marc Samuels of Photo Trek tours, leads tourists on a private, 3-hour tour, taking photos along  the way.” So let’s do the math: the average American family comprises of a father, mother, daughter and son. $175 x 4 = $700 for three hours. But being a savvy photographer and business person, you’ll be able to figure out some sort of package deal for maybe a couple of days. And if you play your cards right, you can easily make more than many people do at their 9-5 / 40 hr a week day job.

Anyone going to London soon? 😉

Here’s an Instagram Photo of an Ominous Cloud Over NYC Last Night


We’ve seen some pretty darn crazy ominous clouds and storms over NYC before. But this latest one from Fischer Clothing on Instagram shows a super dark cloud overpowering the city and separating it from the rest of the sky. Indeed, there was a super strong storm last night–and it started while I was out shooting for an upcoming review.

Granted this storm is nothing compared to what Ryan Brenizer has shot before. Take a look at that monstrosity here.

Commuter Takes Street Photos of Others Involving Newspapers and Forced Perspective

commuter-newspaper-photobombs (1)

Think your morning commute sucks? Well, many people do. One anonymous person decided to do the clever thing of combining street photography with something Banksy might do. According to the NY Daily News, he perfectly folds newspapers and then strategically places them using forced perspective. Then he takes a photo. The Daily News isn’t stating who shot these images, but they’re quite hilarious. Some of them have Yoda, some have the Queen of England and more. Many other photographers have done similar projects–or just taken bits and pieces of ads to create a collage of some sort.

Take a look at some of them after the jump.

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A Giant Inflatable King Kong Scaled the Empire State Building 30 Years Ago This Week


Left image from Lime Contracting. Right image from TheMechanism

Mostly everyone has seen King Kong (and we’re not talking about that stupid remake done a couple of years ago). But 30 years ago, people apparently saw him in real life. The Lime Contracting Company was doing renovations on the Empire State Building in 1983 when they were asked to take part in the 50th anniversary of the great movie. It was obviously a publicity stunt, and the image made newspapers and most likely another marketing campaign to milk some extra revenue from the film. And like that, Kong rose again to an staggering 82 feet high–and probably scared the bejesus out of some kids down below.

When the remake hit theaters in 2005, it was all CGI instead of the real thing. Corbis has an image of the 1983 scaling in color on their website.

Via Gothamist

Negatives of Former President John F Kennedy Destroyed in 9/11 Have Been Restored


Lightbox has an extremely uplifting and interesting feature on the photos of Jacques Lowe, who photographed former President John F Kennedy. Lowe was hired at the age of 28 and started photographing the family two years before John even entered office. He had a box of 40,000 negatives that were destroyed in the 9/11 tragedy. However, somehow or another 1,500 survived from his contact sheets and prints. The images were then painstakingly restored and scanned.

The images will be on display in the Newseum, located in Washington D.C. Some of the images will be part of the Creating Camelot exhibit–which Nikon is sponsoring. Head over to Lightboox to see some of the other images.

Via Time’s Lightbox

The Telegraph Uses an Absolutely Brilliant Photo To Illustrate a Story

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.06.51 AM

Not many people know or really understand what a Photo Editor does at a newspaper or a publication. No, they’re not taking a photographer’s RAWs and doing loads of color correction after massive culls–at least not all the time. Instead, what they’re doing is making crops, adding metadata and maybe some minor brightening or darkening. But their main job is to choose a photo that illustrates the story that the publication is trying to get out to the world. So if a newspaper is reporting on the closing of loads of Starbucks around the nation, they’ll show an image of a storefront or something else creative with the Starbucks logo (maybe even a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte with the Starbucks logo on the cup.)

But today, the Telegraph has chosen a positively brilliant photo to illustrate a story going viral around the web right now. The photo shows former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice holding up a gesture that can easily be mistaken for something else.

And that, ladies and gents, is how some images can easily be misinterpreted–no matter how hysterical they may be.